Newbie here

  1. Hey,

    Im glad I found this board. I have 8 Coach bags
  2. Welcome to the purse forum.
    Please share your bags.
  3. welcome to the coach (part) forum latavuitton!

    :smile: i agree with superstar.

    pics are always welcomed!
  4. Welcome!
  5. WELCOME! :welcome:
    Cant wait to see your pics!!! :yes:
  6. Welcome, jump in....make yourself right at home. We love to show & tell here.
  7. Welcome! Which bags do you have? Would love to see pics!
  8. Welcome and I second everybody's need to see some pics!

    Have fun - this is a great forum!
  9. The huge bag is for my puppy
    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg coach3.jpg coach4.jpg coach5.jpg
  10. 2 more
    coach6.jpg coach7.jpg
  11. WOW!
    Very nice collection!:yes:
  12. Welcome LataVuitton! Great collection!
    LOL This made me laugh, but it's so true! We do love to show and tell. :smile:
  13. Beautiful bags!
  14. Gorgeous collection!
  15. Welcome!