Newbie here :]

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Is COACH worth the money?

  1. Definitely!

  2. Most of the time.

  3. They have their moments.

  4. No. Not really.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. Just found a new love for designer bags [not a good thing for a broke college student], I seriously don't know where it came from. At the moment I'm a big COACH fan. Just ordered this sweetheart --


    What do you guys think? Rash decision? It ultimately came to about $200.

    I'm upset I bought the tan and black mufflers for winter and barely wore them :[ Those came to nearly $380[?]


    Off subject -- is there a shoe forum? :]
  2. They have their moments.
  3. When I was young, I loved was good quality for the money (didn't have much). Now, that I'm older my tastes have changed and I don't care for it at all. But, to me it's still a great buy for the, I voted most of the time!

  4. Yes do tell I would love to find other people who also have a 1000 feet. I swear I do...that is why I need so many shoes!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  5. I don't think its worth it at full price since it goes to outlet so quickly and is OVERPRICED here in HI.
  6. I just don't like the logo stuff. I think their leather is good and most of their designs are very cute.
  7. Hi abandonedimages, I'm also a newbie to bags (although I am 50:biggrin: ) Don't know why I don't like Coach bags. What do you think of these Monsac bags (pics off

    1) Monsac Items Faux Croc Flap Petite Shoulder $145
    2) Monsac Petite Horizontal Pocket Tote $230

    Love some of the bags/wallets on here:
  8. First let me say I LOVE COACH, but I don't like thier S/S stuff. I only buy thier Jacquard Signature stuff or their leather. I don't think their S/S (scribble) stuff is as durable, and it gets dirty so quickly and is harder to clean than their Jacquard Sig. I think the S/S stuff is VERY cute, but I won't buy any of it.
    I think they are well priced. They do have one limited ed. bag right now that is $800, but when you look at how big the damn thing is, it is no wonder it is so expensive. Most of the bags aren't that expensive.
    I paid about $500 (including tax) for the signature large pocket satchel and I LOVE that bag. I think it was worth every penny, even though I know I could have gotten a LV Speedy for that much. I almost bought the Speedy, but changed my mind and got a 2nd Coach satchel in black. (I know, I have lost my mind).
    One thing I like about Coach is they have a lifetime guarantee, and I have seen them stand by that guarantee. It is my understanding that LV only has a 2 year guarantee (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LV as well and will buy every LV I can get my hands on
  9. Welcome~ While Coach is not necessarily my taste, I must admit that Coach has some really cute bags! Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you love it, then you should enjoy it and not care what anyone else thinks! ENjoy your adorable new bag!
  10. Vlad and I have one in the making!!! It will be going up soon! :idea:
  11. Welcome to the forum.
  12. passerby --

    Thank you for that site (, I already love the collection! Well, the first one, the Croc Flap, I've never been a fan of the croc/snakeskin type designs (only if they go with a great pair of heels, ha), but the red tote -- oh my. Love. It. I've always been conservative about my purse colors, red seems risky when you're trying to match, but that is gorgeous! I would definitely risk that :]

    Yeah, I think my love for COACH is partially due to the fact that my purse fetish just recently developed. I'm inexperienced lol, so I'm just going for designer/cute/cheap[?]

    Snagged these from the site you gave, what do you think? I might seriously consider these.


  13. greyhoundgal --

    Ah! Not as durable? I'm terrible, I should've waited for feedback before I got it, but I gotta admit I have no self-control lol, the S/S is so cute to me! Thank you for your post, it helped a lot because I really don't know all that much about handbags at the moment (reason I joined the forum), mind if I add you?

    Lifetime guarantee? Nice.
  14. Megs --

    Really? Perfect! Please keep me updated, you don't know how badly I need shoe help/advice! All of a sudden I've turned into a shopping maniac!
  15. jag --

    Thank you :]