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  1. Hey all,

    I'm extremely interested in buying my first BB. :yahoo: So my question is, I live in the Dallas area. Are there any stores that sell Balenciaga, or do I have to go online to buy. TIA
  2. I would think Dallas would have some retailers who carry Bal - like NM and Saks. Do you have a Barney's - Barney's has a great selection of Balenciagas. It is always nice to see the bags IRL before you buy one, though many of us had our first experiences with Bal bags by buying them online and never seeing one IRL before our purchase.

    There will be certain hardware/styles that will only be available in the Bal stores or Bal online.

    Good luck, and welcome to our wonderful Bal world! :welcome:
  3. yep, Barneys carries them. I think that's the only place. I don't remember NM carrying them, but I could be wrong. Barneys had a good selection the last time I was in there.
  4. Neiman Marcus in Atlanta sells I would surely think that NM in Dallas would have them as they have several stores there. You should call them and ask.
  5. Please check the thread that MichK posted...

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