Newbie Here!!

  1. Hey everyone, glad to be here! My name is Jessica, I'm working on being a stay at home mom of our upcoming twins (yay!). I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  2. Welcome! and congrats on twins!! When are you due?
  3. Thanks! I'm due July 29th.. when it's nice and hot, yippee LOL
  4. :welcome:Welcome from a fellow twin Mommy!
  5. Hi Jessica and welcome! :flowers:

    Congratulations on your upcoming twins!
  6. We have other twin mommies here!! Welcome to the board!
  7. Welcome and congrats on the twins!:tup:
  8. congrats on the twins, welcome to tpf!
  9. Welcome to tPF!

    Make sure you post pics of the twins. We'll all wanna see.
  10. Hello and welcome! Which designers will the twins be into? :graucho:
  11. Welcome! I'm a twin mom of fraternal 10 year old boys. It's fun!
  12. hehe.. not sure which designer they will be into yet.. we'll see I guess!

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone :smile:
  13. Welcome!! Make yourself at home. And congrats on your twins! I've always wanted to bear twin babies.
  14. Welcome MomOfTwins!! Hope you enjoy the forum as much as we all do!!
  15. Welcome to tPF!! Congrats on the twins..must be so exciting for you and your family!