Newbie here...

  1. Hello!! I am so glad I found this website. I have been collecting tokidoki stuff since last year. I read pretty much the first few pages of the threads, and I was hoping that someone here could help clarify some of my questions for me.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but did more different prints came out this year than what was listed in le sportsac website? I thought for this season its pirata print, adios star print, and bianco solid?

    Then..when was Spiaggia print from?
    I picked up Amore print and a Pirata print past weekend from Macys. I thought they were the newly released one, but seems like there are more other prints I found on this forum that I have yet to see. I have a Foresta from last November.

    So how many prints were released after Foresta? I didnt see that many prints sold on eBay except the ones from last Winter and the newly released one.

    Spiaggia is very pretty!!!

    thanks !!!
  2. Hi & welcome!
  3. hi welcome!

    spiaggia is one of the summer 2007 prints! famiglia is coming out in a month or two i believe =) but the lesportsac site is REALLY slow to update with their new line, so spiaggia should be appearing on the site later towards the end of the month ^^
  4. thanks bubblesung..
  5. hi! I'm new too. :smile: welcome to the wonderful world of tokidoki! :p i got my first bag last year too and dang, i had no idea there were so many prints and that the lesportsac and tokidoki marriage was ending at the end of this year!
  6. hey & welcome, yeahhh and since you can't find the spiaggia print in most stores yet, you can buy it from Pulse :biggrin: We all :heart: Pulse haha.
  7. Oh God Do We Love Pulse!!!!!!!
  8. I agree w/ bubblesung lesportsac is really slow :lol: amore never made it to their site because they said they weren't carrying it oddly enough buhyah one TPF member had created a site in the past that she's been periodically updating and here's her bag archive

    another TPF member was putting some of these up on a thread also :biggrin: you'll probably see it eventually ;)

  9. I read about that, but when I tried to go to the website it just said page can not display. someone please update me with the URL !! thanks
  10. nevermind, I know why I couldnt view the page.
    The person who listed the vendor list misspelled on the url.
  11. thanks. it was their homepage, i didnt get this one.