Newbie here with ?...Is this a REAL Fendi?

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  1. Hi Yall!

    I just got my first Fendi from Neiman Marcus on-line and the price was
    too good to be true! The Regular price was $1270.00, on sale for $826.00 and 40% off of I snatch it at $495.00 (and FREE Shipping ;p)

    Anyway, I got it today, and it's LARGE and gorgeous--BUT...The authencity card doesn't match EXACTLY...just the 2nd set of 5 digits. AND worse, the lining isn't silk or satin--but from a dark brown heavy cotton material--that's not so bad, BUT when I reached inside of the pocket in the lining, I could feel some GLUE of some sort, pulled it out and could see some glue type of stuff. On top of that, all of the stitching isn't PERFECT as I've read that ALL REAL Fendi's should be. Also, the top strap is black patent leather and on the one side where it O rings are held, the patent leater is made of 1 piece, but on the other side, I can see some stitching--it's not PERFECT as I've been told expensive bags like these should be.

    Lastly, I called NM and spoke to the Fendi specialist and she said NM would NEVER sell fake Fendi's and that the reason why it was so "cheap" is because it wasn't a perfect one. She told me if I returned it, she would snatch it up in a second.

    The bag has the leather serial number, halogram tag and other than the frustrating imperfections, it's drop dead gorgeous. I also called the on-line manager and asked her for a discount because of the flaws and they took another $50.00 off. Is this a real Fendi or should I take it back? I LOVE IT, but I want a REAL one--and from all of the "how to indentify a FAKE Fendi, with the flaws on this bag, it seems Fake:crybaby:. Please let me know and sorry for the novel ;o)

    hiyall's the bag:
  2. Hi there and welcome.

    Please post your questions in the Fendi authentication thread. You can find it through this link:

    You will need to post pictures of the actual bag you have and probably the authenticity card too. The ladies and gents on the authentication thread there will tell you exactly what photos they will need to see in order to help you.

    Good luck!
  3. Hi~

    Oh, I thought this was the authentication thread. Thank you so much for your kind welcome and I'll head over there now. Thanks again!
  4. This is the authentication thread for handbags w/out a subforum.

    Good luck.
  5. Hey there. I really consider myself a Fendi expert. I prefer to carry Fendi bags but own several other high end designer bags. I have extensive knowledge as to quality, materials, designs and where authentic products can be sold. (It's sort of a hobby!) I have dealt with Neimans quite often and would find it extremely hard to believe that they would offer and sell a fake product of any kind. However, without seeing the exact things that you are talking about, I could not say for sure. Fendi will often times use a cotton or canvas liner, especially with these Forever bags. It is very possible that the bag you purchased was a floor sample that has been handled by the public, hence the imperfections. The stiching is a tricky subject, it is usually the first thing I look for when dealing with questionable items. I have a hard time believing that Fendi would let sub-par quality items leave their manufacturing facilities, but it is possible that one could have passed quality control.

    I suggest that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, than return it.
  6. Hi Pradag333 and welcome! It sounds like you would be helpful on the Fendi authenticity thread, which is where this question should be posted and discussed. You can find a link to it here:

    As gro3602 said above, this thread we're posting in now is in a general authentication subforum for bags without their own brand subforums. The PF already has a subforum dedicated to Fendi, so please direct your comments about Fendi there.

  7. The unfortunate thing that is happening more and more is that people buy real bags, and then return counterfeits to the retail stores -- and the sales associates don't check the bags over well enough before they are put back on the floor.

    It's a sad state of affairs but that's why everyone has to be so careful these days.
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