newbie here with expandable flap question

  1. Hi ladies, well I've been reading for a few days now and I can't seem to shake the feeling that I *need* a chanel to add to my collection. I think they should call this feeling the Purse FOrum disease or something bcs I definitely caught something!

    Anyway on to my questions...
    Firstly, is the expandable flap still available? I dont think I'll be able to buy until close to christmas time (gotta give DH time to adjust to the idea now)... is this something that's available always or will I be SOL?

    Secondly, what color to get the expandable in if its available? Since I will one day buy the jumbo caviar flap in black should I go with White for the Expandable or just buy that in black too...

    Lastly, which to buy first. If you guys were given the option of buying one of these bags first (jumbo flap or expandable flap) which one would you buy first? I definitely eventually want both and I'll get equal use out of them... I guess I'm just concerned about price and availability if I choose one over the other. Makes sense?

    Clearly, I need a lot of guidance from the Chanel experts.

    Lend a girl a hand please :smile:
  2. noone wants to help me? come on guys, I want to join in on the chanel fun. Please help!!!
  3. hi there! i have the expandable flap in black and love it to pieces. it's very practical and roomy. i love it because i can dress it up or down.
    it should still be available as i saw it this past weekend at Neimans and Saks. i believe it comes in black, brown and white. i would definitly get the black, since black goes with everything.
  4. and also the expandable came in red, imagine that with a lovely Jumbo in Black :biggrin:

    As to which you should get first, well the Jumbo is a classic that you will have for ever, and you should be able to find one at any time, but the expandable perhaps should be your first buy as it is not as widely available.

    Good luck with whichever you decide, what a fab Christmas pressie it will be :smile:
  5. Expandable has been available in black, brown, white, red (this season) plus navy and camel from last season. Definitely buy the expandable first, as the jumbo will be available all the time. Since the black and white are available this season as well as last season, I am sure you will be able to find one by Christmas.
  6. You guys are wonderful. THANKS SO MUCH for responding. I started worrying that I must have done it wrong for no one to respond.

    Thanks for the replies ladies. I've been thinking along the same lines as you all suggested... that the expandable line may not be around forever whereas the Jumbo may be more accessible in the years to come.

    Again, thanks again for the response. I do appreciate it!