newbie here with a question

  1. Hi,
    can someone tell me how I can send a private message to a Mod?
    Iv looked everywhere but I cant find a way to pm someone?
    Thanks :smile:
  2. swanky mama of three- Thanks I was just wondering how I can have my name changed?
  3. Im lost!
    where was the thread move too?
  4. Your name can not be changed, because it is not your personal full name or email address :yes:
  5. I moved your thread to this Feedback Dropbox Forum as the Newcomer's Forum, where you originally posted, is really only a place to post introductions.
    Anything technical related belongs in here in Feedback Dropbox.
  6. oops, already posted, sorry.
  7. Thanks everyone..
    my question has already been answered..;)
  8. Your name is fab anyway!