Newbie here! Which style IYO would work the best as a diaper bag?

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  1. BTW, I think your pics of HH bags is what really made me love them. You are a lot more informative than their website so thanks for that!

    Oh, and unfortunately not pregnant but TTC.
  2. Hi, and welcome!! First off, good luck with TTC, I hope it happens quickly. :flowers:

    As far as HH as babybag, the ones I've had good luck with are:

    Jinhee-the 4 outside pockets are each big enough for a few diapers, pack of wipes or bottle, it has lots of room on the inside. Two different ways to carry.

    Corcovado-tons of pockets, and holds everything you could possibly need! It looks huge at first, but it really doesn't look as big in's a great bag!

    Havana-not as much organization as the others, but holds a lot and if you organize your baby items with pouches or something similar it works great, lightweight, easy to carry.

    Sloane Crossbody-if you like handsfree, this one is a good option. My mom has two and it's an incredibly practical bag! Adjustable crossbody strap, lots of outside pockets for mama stuff (keys, phone, etc), and roomy inside. Also can be found quite cheap. I personally love the lamb leather, too.

    Hmm...I know there are more, but these are the ones popping into my head right away. :biggrin: HTH!
  3. hi, I can never use HH for a diaper bag (I just used a Vera Bradley bag, don't need to baby it at all)- but how about Athena Tote- the leather is amazingly smooth and I think the tote style would work well as a diaper bag.

    Good luck with TTC- I've had really hard time with TTC and pregnancy, but now I have the most amazing 2 yo!!
  4. Hi martian... welcome and best of wishes with the TTC. I think lots of us, me included, have been there and come out on the other side with not too much harm done.... wishing you the best of luck on that front.

    I would concur with Carlie.... I don't have one, but I have fondled the Corcovado and I think it would be a perfect diaper/toddler/mommy bag (or any combination of!).
  5. If I were in need of another diaper bag I'd do a Corc for sure and then a regular backpack for the zoo, etc.

    Good luck!!
  6. Thanks for all these suggestions! I will go check all of them out. Not in any hurry, but it helps divert my mind from all the TTC pressure! Everyone here is so informative and helpful!
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    If you can find a patent or pewter Corcovado, that would be perfect. (The other leather versions might be a bit heavy). I am thinking the Wyeth Tote would be a pretty cool diaper bag too.

    Hm, and what about the Paule Marrot Clarice or Avion totes?
  8. The very rare Tarte tote would make a wonderful diaper bag!! I agree with the Corcovado, but I think the metallic ones are not too heavy and the interior is nylon, easier to clean.

    The Wyeth Tote would make a gorgeous diaper bag!! Light, several handy pockets and also the messenger option.

    The Maldives would make a great weekender too!!
  9. Speaking of awesome nylon HH for baby needs, the Ibiza is GREAT for toting babe stuff. It's all I use for museum trips b.c. the number of strap options are great and it really can fit such a HUGE amount in it, I just keep stuffing it, and it's never full. There's outter pockets,too, for easy access things and water bottles. Plus the inside is divided, making it great to keep one side for babe and one for you! (Or one side for each kidlet, as I've had to do since having two babes.)

    Another one I love that I didn't see mentioned is the Trophy. I love that b.c. the top is perfect for stashing a sweater or baby sling. The pretty front pocket, back slip pocket and little "binky, lipgloss, baby tylenol" side pockets are uber functional... It's the perfect size and sooo stylish. I love my black one. The leather is TDF smooshy and tough.

    Good luck TTC!!!! I hope you get pregnant soon. It's always great to have more HHHottie Mamas!!! :biggrin:
  10. If my kids were still in diapers, I'd be using the Corcovado (I have the black patent one). Love all the pockets.

    I personally wouldn't use the Wyeth tote, because it doesn't hold as much stuff as the Corc and I'd be more afraid of ruining it :smile:

    I would also use the Pan Am tote -- nylon, large, well-organized.

    I have used the Pallenberg duffel as a diaper bag. Again, lots of pockets, but smaller than the Corc, so would be good for short trips. The Cannes tote would be similar, but larger.

    I bet the Gaza would make an awesome diaper bag. Major pockets on this one.
  11. :welcome2::welcome2::welcome2:

    If I had a baby, I would want a Corcovado as my baby bag...
    Good Luck and Welcome again!!
  12. I vote for the Bedford, personally! It's nylon, so you don't have to worry so much about lovely leather getting wrecked with milk, puke or other bodily fluids ;). You can wear it crossbody, which I found very helpful when I need to be hands-free and has two zippered pockets in the front (covered by the flap) that will fit bottles or sippy cups.
  13. Oh true, Bedford would be good too. And Ibiza. :yes:
  14. Welcome to HHHottieville Martian! And Good luck as well.

    Ya'll are giving me too many ideas!
  15. What about the Sonia??? It has all of those compartments....??