Newbie here - Which Coach should be my first?

  1. For our anniversary, my DH has given me a gift certificate to Coach for $300, but he said I can spend whatever I need to get the purse I want. I have looked in the store and online and just can't decide what to get. I love the leather, but I also like the signature stripe totes. I want something pretty neutral, as this will be my first designer bag. I have been carrying a diaper bag for the last 9 years (3 kids) and although my youngest is almost done potty training I will have to carry a few child necessities for a little while longer. So it needs to be a decent size, but one I can also manage after the kids are older. So what would you all recommend for a first bag? I want something timeless that will last, especially since it is an anniversary gift.

  2. Since it is your first Coach I would go with a signature piece. The totes are really versatile as well.
  3. I agree w/ should be sometime timeless like the signature and the totes are a good size for toting extra stuff around for the children. Whatever you do decide to get please share w/ the rest of us.
  4. Welcome to tpf! I just got back from the coach store. I already have a couple things coming in for me next week, but here is something that you may like. Maybe I should ask if you are looking for something with the CCs or unCC-ed?

    I love the new tobacco colored hobos. I almost bought one today in the medium size.
  5. Nice hubby! So when you say neutral, do you prefer something in the brown family or black? Or would you go for a colour that's not brown/black but still wearable with lots of stuff (like maybe burgundy)? I agree with the others who said signature is probably your best bet for you first bag, especially since it's pretty durable. The shoulder tote is a nice size and a classic style. The vachetta on the bottom of the first one might get quite dirty, though, so the black/black signature version or the all leather version in camel or black might be a better option:
    shouldertote.JPG shoulder1.JPG shoulder2.JPG

    I also agree with elongreach that the tobacco leather hobo might be nice for you. It's a nice, classic style that should hold up well and also probably fits a lot.

    Definitely avoid anything with suede...I love Coach suede but it gets very dirty very fast if you're using it as an everyday bag (even the dark colours).

    Good luck and let us know what you decide. And happy anniversary! :flowers:
  6. Thanks Sialia:smile: , I couldn't figure out how to put the pic up from the coach website.:huh:
  7. Signature tote for your first bag
  8. Look @ what i picked for you:smile:

    number one (my favourite!!) :love:
    New COACH SOHO BRAIDED LEATHER LARGE HOBO (they have small as well)
    size: 18 (L) x 12 3/4 (H) x 6 (W)
    Name of color: Brass/Tobacco
    Price: $328
    my God this color looks increadibly ausom on this style!!:tender: I really reaaaaally love this one!!

    number two
    size: 20 (L) x 14 1/4 (H) x 6 (W)
    Name of color: Silver/Black
    Price: $378

    I like this one as well! :smile:


    and lastly
    size: 11 (L) x 11 (H)
    Name of color: Siver/Chestnut
    Price: $258

    c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg
  9. I'd suggest a signature one for a first Coach bag too. I got this demi in pink for my first Coach bag ever.. it's a classic and very roomy! And it's only $178 so you'd have $$ leftover for Coach accessories too :graucho: :lol:

  10. ^ not roomy enuf for a diaper tho...I have it too in pink and I think it's actually quite small...I do agree w/ Sialia tho on the shoulder tote, I think that would be roomy enuf for you :smile:
  11. I love the ones vanilla_addict picked for you. I just happen to believe that your first coach bag should be leather and a classic that you can wear for years. i like this one alot also.
    coach peppled leather tote $348.jpg
  12. :shame: i really wished i was as good picking things for myself!
  13. Well she said her kids were done with potty training so I was assuming they wouldn't need diapers anymore. One of my friends who has a 4 year old just bought it as well & she loves it which was why I suggested it. I'm used to carrying little purses so that's why this prolly seems really big to me LOL.

    I really like the leather pouches as well =)
  14. My first Coach was all leather, I think you should do the same. I think it's a better value for the money than Signature. That said, the pebbled leather shoulder tote, braided hobo and soft duffle all listed above would be my top 3 picks. Congrats on your great gift, and all that potty training you're almost finished with! :lol:
  15. Hmm or maybe a signature tote that has leather trim and is in between the size of a diaper bag and a regular bag.. combining the best of all 3 options LOL :lol: :lol: