Newbie here w/ a question about the Legacy large tote & hobo (ro)

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  1. I really liked these 2 bags when they came out, but didn't want to pay $800 or $500 for them.

    Now I see quite a few of them on eBay, brand new & $200 - $300 off retail. Did these bags not sell well? Did they just hit the outlet stores? Or are there a lot of fake Legacies on eBay? I looked closely @ a couple of auctions w/ a ton of pictures, and I'm almost 100% sure they are authentic.

    Thanks for your input.
    fc_1_sbl.JPG f5_1.JPG
  2. FWIW, I never saw these bags at my outlet in leather, only in suede. But that doesn't mean somebody didn't get them the second they showed up, if they did.
  3. most of the reason is because it is heavy. a few months ago they headed out to the outlets. the white ones are often returned because it turns yellow after a while. being exposed to sun i guess does that to that leather.
  4. There are also alot of fakes out there - of that style.
  5. I've seen only the white leather & cotton legacies at the outlets but they were still pretty pricey, only about $50.00 off retail. It you can find an authentic one for $200-300.00 off I say go for it & post pics! I love the first one in the metallic color.
  6. I saw the first one in white and brown at the outlets in Wrentham, MA about a month ago. I believe they were under $400 and were on the "additional 20% off" shelf.
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