Newbie here to consider.....

  1. okay girls i'm a die hard coach fan, but thinking of chanel-which i know nothing of...the kind i want it a cambon?
    the black one, in a tote style( like the faked kind lol)
    i was just wondering if anyone could give me insight as to where to find them, about how much they cost, how to care for them ect....... i told you i only know coach,lol, so authenticating eBay bags would be helpful too please1
    thanks for helping a out a future chanel girl!
  2. Hey there and welcome to Chanel! I have the bag you are looking for. I think the retail now is $1800 plux tax. I got mine in Toronto for $1900 canadian including tax. You can still find them in Chanel boutiques and department stores such as Holt Renfrew and Neiman Marcus. Good luck!
    Edit: They arent too hard to care for, but they can get scratches (from your nails, bumping it into stuff) but its not that noticeable. And keep it in its dustbag.
  3. I believe now you can only get the cambon in black CC/black and beige CC/beige (black on black, beige on beige). All the other color combos have been discontinued.

    Good luck on your cambon search! They're not hard to find these days from what I've heard.