NEWBIE HERE - sorry for my 1st stupid question

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  1. hi ladies.

    Newbie here!
    My new lemming is CL.
    And I was wondering ...

    1) besides saks and NM, where else do you guys search to buy your CL's from?

    2) Is it cheaper overseas? I'm going to England at the end of the year and wondering if they were cheaper there?

    Thanks for all responses!!
  2. and they sometimes have great deals ! Always check the sizing thread if you're going to order online :smile:
  3. Hi ShkBass, where in England are you going?
  4. Thanks for all the great sites ladies!!

    and panrixx - I'll be in london most of the time, some days I'll be in ipswich (but I know there are no CL there hehehe),
  5. way more expensive in the uk, most designer shoes are when compared against the dollar price, i wouldn't buy them here. i don't think the prices are crazily different, but be prepared for a £50ish difference. if you're buying here, head for harvey nichols and selfridges- they're the main department stores here that stock cls. there might be an actual cl boutique in london though but i'm not sure.

    just compared saks and netaporter for a random pair of cls, the city girl platform sandals. saks is $795 and netaporter is £435 (approx $867).
  6. I highly suggest that you go to a store and try on CL's. The sizing varies depending on the shoe and the heel height. There is a thread talking about the fit of various styles. This is very important if you will be ordering on-line or care to venture onto fleebay.
  7. yes you guys are right - I will go try them on first to know what sizes I am in certain styles.

    I only asked the question about london prices only b/c I know LV was cheaper for me to buy in england then it was in the states.

    Thanks for all the replies!!
  8. Welcome ShkBass :flowers:

    I can vouch for the fact that CLs are not cheaper in England (unless you hit the sales) whether you shop at the London boutique or dept stores (Harvey Nichols/Selfridges/Harrods). $/£ exchange rate makes the US sellers much cheaper.

    See link below that I find a useful summary of what's around in CL world