Newbie here. So does this Last Call place ship?

  1. Are the SAs helpful? If i call in to one will they tell me what kind of MJs they have instock or check if a certain one is there? Do they ship to you? I feel kinda sheepish about calling them. Thanks!
  2. I believe they do ship. SAs are helpful but not very knowledgeable. If you can describe what you want, they'll be better able to assist you. And don't hesitate to call, esp if there's something you want!
  3. :yahoo: Oh good! Thanks for the response!
  4. also depends on how busy they are. if you call on a weekday when they first open you might get better luck. sometimes if they're too busy they don't pick up my calls and i get routed to the voicemail =P or they are just too busy to check if something i want is there. but once they've established it's there, they'll charge send.

    the regular NM only takes their own CC or Amex. I'm not sure if LC has the same policy... one of the other gals can tell u i'm sure...
  5. they took my Visa - TWICE! LOL...
  6. ^ Oh really?? for the Nm store or LC store?

    i use amex anyway so i wouldn't know =P

    Amex treats me well... for now ...
  7. Does anyone know what time they open generally? Thanks.
  8. When I bought a bag recently at LC, they accepted my Mastercard. I think probably the store opens around 10. I know one of the stores near me closes pretty early (like 6 p.m.), but the other store stays open until 9.