Newbie here...question about Paddington

  1. Hello everyone! How practical is this bag? Meaning is it a pain to put things in and get things out of this bag with the two zippers and padlock?
  2. Hi - and welcome to tPF!:flowers:

    I don't find it awkward at all, tbh. If anything, you can just leave the zippers undone and pop the padlock over the front to hold everything in place, or, as i've read somewhere before, you can even take the padlock off if you find that it gets in the way - apparently some ladies on here have said that the bag doesn't look any less chic without it.

    You can fit loads of stuff in the bag, or not much at all - because of the slouchy style, it doesn't matter - that's the beauty of this bag!

    It's all down to a matter of personal preference - and i prefer to keep the padlock on and the zips done up, but without the leather 'tabs' on the padlock.:yes:
  3. Thanks!
  4. You're welcome!:flowers:
  5. I agree with chicky, there are many ways to wear this bag. I personally like to keep the zippers zipped and the lock on. I don't find it inconvenient at all!
  6. i use my paddington regularly and i just don't zip the zippers so it allows me easier access. however, i do fold the lock over. before i bought it i was nervous about the weight but it's really not too bad. i really only notice it after wearing my balenciagas for a day or so. good luck!
  7. Is it comfortable to wear over the shoulder?
  8. Yes, really comfortable....
    I'm one of those who removed the lock, either way it's a fab bag!
  9. agreed, it's comfy over the shoulder! (even with the lock)
  10. ^ Also agree!! :yes:
  11. Another vote for paddy being the best every day bag!!

    It's great empty or stuffed fulled of stuff, I love the open pockets for stuffing in keys
    and sunglasses, plus the zippers are great for keeping stuff safely tucked inside.

    The only downside: it's heavy LOL!!
  12. I disagree with it being comfortable on the shoulder. It depends on your body type really to how comfortable it is. It also depends on your shoulder type. If you have narrow shoulders, double straps tend to slip off easier than squared shoulders. Not to mention that lock will be digging in your armpit if it's a tight fit. Also it's possible that once winter comes you'll be crooking it because it may not fit over your coat.

    With all that said I like Chloe and think they have a very innovative bag. I think it's one of the few bags that are worth most of the money you spend for it.
  13. I love my paddy as an everyday bag! It fits perfectly and comfortably over my shoulder and I love hte inside cell phone pocket. Seriously, this bag can fit a TON of stuff!!! It is absolutely one of my most favorite bags ever! Also, I keep the zippers open too, and the lock never gets in the way- it usually falls inside the bag. So the lock has never presented a problem for me.
  14. I totally agree with Jag. It's easiest to leave the zippers undone and flip the lock. I tuck in the tugs or if I want the zipped look, only zip one side. As far as comfort, I find these bags extremely comfortable on the shoulder and also just using as a tote. The leather is absolutely scrumptuous and lovely. Hope this helps! ;)
  15. My paddy has grown on me (got it when it first came out), but I don't find it as convenient (not as easy getting things in and out), so I don't use it everyday. But I love the leather, esp after a couple months. I suggest NOT to get the shoulder strap, it doesn't quite work the way it's supposed to esp with the heavy lock.