Newbie here please help

  1. I am new to balenciaga. After looking at all you ladies collection, i have decide to order my 1st balenciaga bag. My SA ask my what kind of leather do i want for my City Rouge Vif. I am not quite sure what she asking me, can anyone explain to me please?? Thanks in advance.
  2. She's asking whether you would prefer smooth, thick, non-veiny leather, or the other alternative- thinner, crinklier, veinier leather. It is purely a matter of personal taste. My advice would be to browse the "Documenting Leather Variations" thread to familiarize yourself with the differences...and congratulations on your soon-to-be best bag ever!!!
  3. Stylefly thank you for your help. I did browse the "Documenting Leather Variations" , i still not quite sure what i want. I never own a bbag before so it's kinda hard for me to see what all the ladies talking about. I know i want soft leather, not shinny. Please help!!!
  4. ^ 949, "soft leather, not shiny" is a good thing to pass along to your SA if you feel that way. I usually don't ask for anything and just let fate decide my bag...there are always inconsistencies showing the natural character of a handcrafted leather good and I end up falling in love with the unique personality of the bag.
  5. i also prefer the soft leather, not shiny character on my b bags :P
  6. I still struggle with this myself. I recently waitlisted for a spring 07 bag and when asked for leather preference, the term "distressed" confused me. I wasn't sure if distressed meant that veiny look (which I don't want) or distressed as in thrown around and beat in the dirt kind of softness. O_O
  7. I think you should go if possible to a shop and check them even if you don't actually buy there especially for your first b-bag. I didn't really know what I wanted util seeing one IRL. Now I know that I like slightly distressed ,veiny bag with thick leather.'which is rather difficult to find) Most of the RV have really smooth leather at least the ones I saw, but some tiny veins are nice since they give the bag character. So that's what I got but I was able to choose among 4.
  8. i think distressed mean the opposite of veiny? am i right on this girls
    i think distressed is more like this? :
  9. I see but why opposite sorry english is not my mothertongue but I thought veiny meens the "marbled" look...?
  10. Thank you very much for all your comment and idea. I will call my SA tomorrow to order my 1st bbag. :yahoo: