Newbie here loving the Nimbus!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am usually a bbag and chanel girl and I have been looking endlessly for a chanel bag that is impossible to find, so now it is time to give up, and in the meantime I have stumbled upon the Nimbus which I absolutly love!!! :love: I have collected a few classic LV pieces over the years, some I have sold and others I have, but never have I had a LE peice. Can anyone who has this bag or anyone who has seen it IRL tell me about how much it holds and if you love it? I going to head over to the Americana in Manhassett this weekend to look at it, but in the meantime, to hold my over, please tell me about this wonderful bag!!!! Thanks!!
    P.S. Mods, can someone close my double post in the refrence library, it was a mistake, sorry!
  2. Hey! i think a few people have the Nimbus on here
    i love it !
    It's really soft apparently.
    I have yet to see it irl though :sad:
    If you do a search i think you will be able to find a picture i think there are a few modeling pics out there!
  3. I have the nimbus..Its the most GORGEOUS bag ever!GET ONE!U will love it!
  4. I love my Nimbus :yahoo: !! You should get one for sure, it's just a perfect bag. I put some pics up in the "What's in your LV" thread and the bag was only about half full, I could've stuffed more in there but I was afraid of getting to much weight in there with my arm situation.
    At one point I had 2 pochettes full of stuff, a mini pochette, zc wallet, agenda, Chanel sunnies[huuuuge case], my camera in the pocket, cel phone & tissues in there w/o distorting the bag :nuts: it's a great big bag & quite wonderful to boot.
  5. I saw the Nimbus IRL and it's so hot!! You should def get it!
  6. Okay, thank you so much!!!!! I am going to do a search and look through whats in your LV thread!!!! I am so excited, thank you!!!!!!!! Also, how delicate would you say it is?
  7. There is some sort of glaze on the lambskin, so it isn't all that delicate. I haven't noticed any stretching from the weight either :shrugs: I don't feel much of a need to overly baby it.
  8. i'm also very interested in Nimbus ...but i have a big problem, i don't know where to buy.I don't want to buy on ebay i would prefer to buy in other internet shop, can you help me ladies?

  9. They are still in LV stores, 866-vuitton can locate one for you. I hope you get one, they are stunning IRL.
  10. i love the nimbus as well but don't own it *yet maybe?*. i tried on both colors and prefer the beige but it's really a personal preference thing. it's extremely lightweight and the strap feels so comfy even with a lot of things inside. my only worry is that it may scuff if you accidentally rub it against say...a stucco wall or something rough? the detail is lovely though and the threading is beautiful. check out for a store near you or call the 1-866 #.
  11. the problem is that in my city and near to it, there's no a LV store.In my coutry there's only one store but i can't go there in next times, because of work of course.So internet shops are the only way to get it.
  12. I want a nimbus sooo bad! Though I saw the stratus at the boutique and it was HUGE!
  13. Bummer, the only place online that is authorized to sell LV is e-luxury, the official LV website will start selling online in July. If you find a bag online from a re-seller you can post pics in the authentication thread & get some input on the bag. Good luck :smile:
  14. Have you tried phoning the nearest store and asking if they will ship it to you? I am 500 miles away from any LV store, yet they have no problem shipping things to me.

  15. well this is a matter of time, i will have to wait!:sad:

    but thanks for your advice!