Newbie here looking for info on a KH/WH Shoulder Tote

  1. Hi Ladies, I am new to the forum and have been an avid Coach lover for several years now and have a decent sized collection of my own - of course my only problem is I can only carry something for a few months before I'm itching for a new one. I also find myself thinking about the next one I am going to buy while I am signing the receipt for the one I am purchasing! Do I have a problem or is this normal?!?! Anyways I have a question about a bag I am ISO. I have a black sig shoulder tote and am totally in love with it so much that I would like a khaki one as well. I've been strolling eBay since my local store only has the Khaki with Camel and I'm not a fan of Camel. I knew they made khaki with white before and think that it the one that I have my sights on. Every bag I see looks good - but you know how that goes... Just wondering if there was anything in particular that I should look out for. One thing that I have been noticing is that all the leather on the outside seems to be white but the inside leather and the creed patch are the natural - is this true?? Also it looked like the interior fabric is the chocolate brown. Just wanting to know all the color hallmarks to look for as I would hate to get a fake by my not being thorough!! This seems like a great board and I've had a ball reading the posts - you ladies seem a lot like me. Maybe I really am normal?!?! LOL

  2. Hi.. welcome to tPF and to the Coach obsession :smile:

    if you have specific questions on authenticity of bas from eBay -- just post in the authenticate this threat at the top of the page. :smile:
  3. Welcome. I know how you feel. The more stuff I see the more stuff I want.
  4. Hello twinmom!! Just repeat after me
    I am a coach a holic!!!

    Do not feel bad!! I mean, look at the title of this board:

    Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged!!!!
  5. Thanks for the welcome ladies!! I did post the pics that I had of the bag that I was looking at in the Authenticate This thread but no one has given me their opinion :sad: I got these pics from my SIL that found the bag as I haven't had a lot of time lately to comb eBay as much so I don't have the exact auction they came from. I hope those pics are enough!

  6. This made me smile so much. I tell my friends all the time when they ask me how I can spend so much money on a bag "I am a Coach a holic. Once you try Coach you can never go back"

    Plus I am just saving the money that I would spend doing other stuff like go to the bars every week, drinking coffee, etc that they do.

    twinmom04-you will love this board. welcome.
  7. exactly!! going to the bar every weekend spending 30-50 bucks... in a month u can have a ergo or a hobo or something!