Newbie here: Look what I got at the outlet today

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  2. oh no i can't see anything!!!
    oh duh i saw it was edited.... try again! i wanna know what you got!
  3. welcome. :tup: Can't wait to see what you got!!! :yes:
  4. I know I'm feeling anxious I want to see it!
  5. I'm sorry I erased my post. I uploaded my pics to Snapfish and then right clicked on each pic and copied the link from the properties section into the "Insert Image" tool on this message board. When I posted my topic and opened it, the pics weren't showing up. So I erased my post.

    If someone can tell me how to post pics I will. I got a Hamptons medium carryall in what looks like brass/whiskey color. It was on sale for $192. Here is the link to the coach website. It is this bag in brass/whiskey.

    I can post actual pics if someone can tell me how to.
  6. I use Flickr. you have to set up an account but you can host pictures on there and right click to properties to get the url then use the icon that looks like a mountain. when you copy the url, you have to make sure that you erase the http backslash colon so there is only one or it won't post. Cute bag
  7. Sounds as if you got a great deal!
  8. i also like using for picture hosting.

    OOH i can't wait till i see pictures. that bag is SO pretty!
  9. Trying to post pic again. Tell me if you can see it.[​IMG]
  10. nope...try copy and pasting it into the box where you type a message to post
  11. nope....
    very nice though
    I actualy upload mine to myspace, then i cope the image loacation, and click on the little box that has a mountain on it (on tpf looks sorta like a postcard...imo) and then paste.... works for me, then i just delete the pics off myspace, if i didn't want to have them up....
  12. [​IMG]
  13. The URL is valid, people just need to copy and paste in their browser
  14. IT is a gorgeous bag btw, classic !
  15. I am so glad that I am not the only own who cannot figure out how to post photos...GOOD LUCK mairanellis, when you figure it me!