Newbie Here! Just bought first Chanel and need your Help!

  1. Hi - new to Chanel! I just bought the Red Expandable Tote because the color is such a perfect red:yahoo:!!! I've searched for YEARS for a red this perfect!!!

    I'm just a little unsure of the style - mostly the handle length is a little bit longer than I am used to. Seems like I would have to be dressed up with a winter coat and boots to wear this style (not that this is a problem for me...;))

    Sorry for the long question is - is this a typical red for Chanel or very unique? Reason I ask is I could learn to love the style if I may never see this red again:graucho:! Thanks! bt
  2. congrats...can you post pics?
  3. Chanel red color varies from season to season.
  4. Congratulations on a great choice of bag - do you mean is the colour/shade of red unique or the style or both?
  5. i love the red expandable tote but returned mine because of the drop (too long for me!) I think that you should keep it because that color red is the only one I've seen in the last 2 seasons and that's why you bought it.
  6. i purchased a red expandable tote too. I have a question for the red expandable tote owner... Does your link cross with each other? The handle is made up of two links which is connected by the leather shoulder strap. Somehow one side of my link is crossed with each other. I find it weird...I try to undo it but I can't since its connected by the leather piece. let me know if this is normal...I don't mind going back to the store but...i want to use the bag already!!!! Thanks!
  7. wow! i never got my hands on the expandable (although both the black and pink were kept aside for me) i just think it was too big on me, i'm really slim (thin in other words LOL) and it just looked wrong on me :sad:

    lucky you though!!! congrats!! xo ;)
  8. I have it in black. I am only 5'3" and I love it. I carried my baby coco cabas all summer so at first the expandable seemed too long. I took it out today and tried it on with fall clothes and it is perfect! I love this bag and I am so happy I have it!

    I have not used it yet so I do not know about the chains twisting. I have tried it on many times and have never had this problem