Newbie here! How did your Louis V obsession start?

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  1. When I was growing up in the south there were lots of flea markets. They always had booths with hundreds of FAKE handbags. It disgusted me. I recall so well my first leather Coach bag I purchased at a Department store. I loved that bag and was so proud of it ...until my co-worker waltzed in one day with her FAKE bag (the same style as mine). She was so proud and bragging about it. She thought it was real. It was a bad fake. I stopped carrying mine that day! Not sure why looking back. I should have been an ass and told her, but her husband bought it for her. Yes, reading this, I was childish!
    Anyway, I always refused buying a LV for all these years bc we were inundated with fakes! Why have a real in this cesspool of fakes?
    So, now years later and living in New England, today I purchased a pre-loved bag on line. I have never purchased a used handbag, but trusted that the site “authenticates” I did this to see how I feel about having one now so many years later. Where I live if you come across a LV, it is always a Neverfull. I chose the Ellipse MM. It is cute and I hope it isn’t gross! LOL!!!!!!!
    I can see how it gets addicting! I have so many Coach and Dooney (I prefer all leather), but something different will be fun! I really want a new Speedy 30 Bandouliere!
    How did it start for you? Were fakes purchased on your journey?
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  2. I was immediately attracted to canvas bags. My first premier designer bag was a Burberry check canvas bag and after that I updated to LV canvas
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  3. I started buying Louis Vuitton 20 years ago. Luggage is what drew me to the brand. I kept seeing carryon bags on my flights between Paris and Nice. From my 18yo self, they felt so elegant and timeless. I wanted to be a part of that! So I saved money and bought my first LV bag: a Greenwich GM in Damier Ebène. I still use it today.
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  4. I read this horrible article of how children were treated in Thailand making these fake handbags. It is so sad! That is why I have always been so against them. I should have stated that as not to offend anyone. :heart:
  5. I went through a handbag phase about ten years ago, got plenty, then stopped. After a while, my bags started to feel heavy so I thought I would get a Speedy B. It pretty much grew from there.
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  6. Shortly after I graduated from college I moved to Houston, Texas. While sitting in church one Sunday, I noticed the lady sitting in front of me had a monogram purse that absolutely spoke to me. Later that afternoon I went to the Galleria to go shopping and saw the purse at a Louis Vuitton store at Neiman Marcus. It took me a couple of years but I eventually saved up enough money to purchase my dream bag. Who knew that 35 years later my love LV would still be going strong. I’ll always remember that fateful day!
  7. I'm late in the game starting only last year. I always thought that it is unreasonable to buy things with these prices. So it started with preloved items and eventually I purchased my 1st brand new LV I realized I can have a little collection with new items I bought myself. Not that I don't like going preloved anymore but the ones I like are the newer bags which the price in the preloved market is almost the same or little difference.

    I'm still exeprimenting to find what type of collector am I. And I'm also starting to deviate from only LV brand new as I bought already from Givenchy,Gucci and YSL. I want to try them all. I must admit that the LV experience is something here in our country compared to other brands that is why I tend to get these other brands where I can get them discounted.
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  8. My mom got me interested in these bags but I still didn't make my first purchase until this year (am hooked!)

    Spent a lot of years buying Marc by Marc Jacobs. Thought it was just as good since he was the creative director at LV at the time!
  9. Me too. I bought my first premier designer bag last year, a Gucci tote (I was a long time Coach girl but Vever’s designs don’t tickle me like Krakoff). I have 2 preloved LVs, a Boulogne in Mono and a Looping MM in Damier Ebene. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Graceful in Damier Azur but didn’t like the strap drop on me. I ended up exchanging for a Neverfull MM in DA. I love it. Congrats on your expanding collection and enjoy!
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    My Louie Vuitton obsession started when I was 12/13 and the speedies (absolutely love that design to this day)...then the multicolor monogram line came out and after watching jessica simpson on newlyweds tote hers around town I was sold...but didn't take the plunge into the luxury world until this year and thought I'd stop after my first purchase...but now I just want more and more and more...just wish my bank would agree with me...
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  11. My mom bought me my first LV (a speedy b 25 in empreinte) as a congratulatory gift for getting pregnant 5 years ago. She was crazy about LV and I would borrow some or her bags every now and then. But back then I cared more about gadgets, makeup, and skin care. Now I think I’m more LV crazy than her, haha.
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  12. I fell in love with the Cherry Blossom Collection x Murakami from 2003, especially the Retro. Accidentally got a fake one on Ebay, did not know there were fakes back then, but it was immediately clear to me when I unpacked it... It is still somewhere in the cellar. Too embarrased to do something else with it.
    This was my first contact/research of LV. The I saw the ad of JLo and the Deauville. Loved the Deauville, but was only able to buy it years later preloved (this time after very thorough research and authentication). I still have it and it is sturdy as hell!
    And I was caught up in the LV world. Though I only like some pieces from them. Mostly the elder pieces. The newer styles (bags) are not so appalling to me as I like it plain better...
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  13. When I was a child, LV was something I always saw grandmothers carrying. It wasn't until I saw the holiday display for the Robert Wilson line and it had a beautiful neon pink bag. The quality was incredible, whereas most bags in that shade were from places like Target or Claire's. I looked at it, but couldn't justify the price. I hadn't even purchased a Coach or other contemporary brand, so spending that much on a purse seemed absolutely absurd. I was captivated by it and wound up going back to purchase it by the end of the mall trip.

    Since then, I've dabbled with other designers, contemporary and premier, but I always come back to LV. While I may not care for every collection, I appreciate the wide variety of designs and that I can always find a bag that suits my needs when I'm looking.

    OP, welcome to the club! Enjoy each piece as you get it, from the seeking, purchasing, and carrying. Also, off-topic, but I love your avatar.
  14. Members of my family have carried LV for 30+ years. I never liked it, though. Prada's nylon bags have always been my favorite, and they probably still are. However, I've been a fan of Kim Jones since very early in his career. A few years ago when I was in the market again for bags, I started looking more closely at LV because of Kim Jones...and that was it. Now that he's gone to Dior, I'm not sure if my interest in LV will remain as high. I'm certainly not as impressed by Virgil Abloh's work.
  15. I grew up with them (in the 70's). My mom and grandparents had them. There were fakes around even back then. Wasnt something I worried about - and I still dont. I do not have hatred towards people who choose to carry a replica. I do have some hatred towards those who sell reps as authentics, though.