Newbie Here: Goldenbleu or Bulga

  1. I'm looking for a new brown bag and debating between the Goldenbleu Jordan small travel bag in saddle (whiskey brown) and the Bulga small pudding flap tote in chocolate. Any advice on either or both would be great!
  2. can you post pics?
  3. I have no idea how to post pics...sorry
  4. you can just copy and paste the pic. or you can post the link if that's easier.
  5. Goldenbleu Jordan is shown in saddle (whiskey brown) and Bulga Pudding is shown in taupe, which is nice too, but I'm leaning toward the chocolate.
    Goldenbleu Jordan.jpg Bulga pudding.jpg
  6. I LOVE the Jordan!!
  7. i have the bulga one in navy. it's a cute bag but it's not as roomy as i would like it. so i would say go w/ the jordan... color is nicer and roomier.
  8. i like the jordan better! It's so cute!!
  9. i like the look of the bulga better but think the jordan is more practical. either way, both have fantastic leathers.
  10. I vote the Jordan too! I love goldenbleu bags, their suede lining on the interior is gorgeous
  11. Definitely the Jordan. Love the color and the shape of the bag. :yes:
  12. The Jordan is a nice bag--especially if you want one that will sit nicely on your shoulder. The Bulga's cute, but it just doesn't "do it" for me.

    Also, one thing to keep in mind. The Goldenbleu leather is really nice and soft. Plus the bags are lined with beautiful suede. Whereas the Bulga bags are lined with fabric and their leather is usually more "porous"--it looks like it'd absorb dirt, liquids, stains, etc. very easily. I think the Goldenbleu is a better buy.
  13. Another vote for Jordan--looks really good on the shoulder and it's a great color and size.
  14. I think the Jordan. The style is more classic, so you'll be able to use it longer. And I just love the color!
  15. Thanks everyone who responded. I ordered the Goldenbleu Jordan. I'll post pics when I get it,

    Thanks again!