Newbie here! From the 07 colours, which is the least shiny?

  1. I love matte soft leather motocycle Balenciagas but I am not having much like at the moment finding an old season Balenciaga in a colour and style I would like on eBay (the 04 and 04 seasons seem to have the leather finishes I crave).

    So out of the 07 colours that are available, which is the least shiny and 'veiny' colour wise?

    I have Sandstone coming any day now (day bag), but are their other colours I should consider that are the least shiny looking? I was at Balenciaga NY 2 weeks ago and the current season motorcycle bags all look like a glazed waxed finish which is not my style. :crybaby:

  2. Hello :smile:

    I think it varies from bag to bag. Also, the shine generally wears off. My bag was a bit shiney when I received her (first vert d'eau), but after playing with her a bit & taking her out 2 or 3x the shine is QUICKLY going away.

    If you order from BalNY whichever SA you deal with you can request a non-shiney bag.

    btw, post pics of your argile when you get her ;)
  3. Karen! :yahoo:

    Yeah, I was going to say that they don't vary much by color but then again I would say that Sandstone does seem to have matte leather, or at least the bag I saw did. You'll see that each bag varies and within the same color you can have 10 bags that each look a bit different.
  4. My '07 Rouge Vermillion is very soft and smooshy, without any veins at all and very little shine.

    But even the shinier, veinier bags break in to be very nice and "fluffy."
  5. ok thanks girls. Hi Glimmer and thanks for all your help lately. I'm learning slowly but surely :yes:

    When Balenciaga calls me to collect sandstone, I'll request to see the others too, just to make sure I've got the best one *fingers crossed*
  6. I wouldn't be deterred by the "shine" - that goes away so fast on *any* b-bag that it'll make your head spin. Look for smoothness of the leather first and foremost...veininess typically doesn't disappear with time, although it may become less obvious when the shine goes away.