Newbie here- Can someone help with Diorever Mini


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Dec 2, 2018
Hello everyone, for those who owed a Diorever mini size...
I’ve purchased 2 of this bag previously loved by 2 reputable sources which I believed are authentic. 1 one is that beautiful bright yellow color. 2nd one is bronze. The only difference between these 2 bags - that kind of raise a question in me is the bronze bag doesn’t have the magnetic piece on the leather tab that’s in between the main compartment. But the yellow bag does.

Hmm...! So yellow is from 2016 collection when it first being released. And bronze and from 2017...
Does Dior really make them like that?

Thanks for reading. And please give me some insights or please share your Diorever mini experience. I’m attaching a photo I found on the web not my bag just so u know what I’m talking about since I don’t have my 2 bags here w me.


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