Newbie here-any pics of cloudy bundle hobo

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  1. Hello everyone! I want to say that this forum is wonderful! :rolleyes: This is my first post on this forum. I have been trying to look for a cloudy bundle e/w tote with no luck but I was able to locate a cloudy bundle hobo. Does anyone have any pics of this hobo?

  2. How about checking the Reference libary? There's a lot there.
  3. thanks for the tip iqaganda! I'll try there.
  4. I just checked the reference library...they had pics of the bowler and the totes but no hobos!
  5. I didn't know there was a hobo. I know of a N/S tote, and E/W tote, and the bowler. Could it be one of those puffy bags from the new season that you are referring to?
  6. Hi Essie, glad to see you here. =)
  7. Hi Helena, glad to see you here also!

    tln-the SA said that it was from the same collection. I haven't had a chance to go down and look at it. Now I'm curious if she could have mistaken it for the puffy bags!:confused1:
  8. There is a style that's kind of hobo-ish but not a lot of stores ordered it. From what I remember it is a squarish hobo versus a true round hobo. I'll try to find a pic.

    Found it - the coral bag below!

  9. Roey,
    Thanks a bunch for the picture!! I think I still prefer the e/w tote above it. I bet it's a longshot to try and find one! The hunt continues!:search:
  10. My Houston boutique has the CB e/w tote and the hobo in the beige/cream color.
  11. hello ladies! i am also a newbie here! i have been searching for the cloudy bundle n/s tote, but have had absolutely no luck! anyone know where i can find one? if i even can??
  12. Thanks Absolutanne!