Newbie here and need advice for revision double eyelid surgery


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Feb 7, 2019
Hi! I’m new to this but was wondering if anyone can help me in recommendations for specifically revision double eyelid surgery?

I originally had a monolid and had surgery about 10 years ago for double eyelids. It went fine but I was young and didn’t do my research and due to my eyelids being heavy, it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it.


I messaged docfinder with edited pictures of my desired eyelids (left eye) (I’ve been using eyelid tape) with my original eyelid (right eye)


I was told it’s possible but after further research I read that it’s not recommended to go through them? My boyfriend is Korean and he can be my translator and hopefully be able to negotiate a better price directly but with anyone with experience - any recommendations for clinics who are known to be good at eyelid surgery? Thank you in advance for anyone that can help!

Side note: The eyelid crease I want isn’t the natural look or probably too popular so not too sure if it’s narrowing things too much :sad:
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