newbie! help

  1. K...For my birthday my BF said he would get me a bag! I didn't want to break the bank or anything but I did want something that I really liked. I decided to get a Tano after many days pondering and searching TPF. I am still a little hesitant about the crunch leather but hey, I like the bag.

    What are your thoughts for fall?

    I got the Vixen Van Go Go (hobo) in beaujolias/wine

    Help, is it a good one??? For the right price? :biggrin:
    vixenTANGO_l.jpg speedmcqueenBEAULOLAIS2_l.jpg vixenMODEL_l.jpg
  2. The middle pic is for color lol :p
  3. i really think it's an adorable bag...i, too, wanted a tano, but decided against it after reading a lot of feedback here on the forum....are you totally married to the idea of tano or would you be willing to take a look at something else?
  4. I'm always willing to look at something else :biggrin: Just point me in the right direction.