newbie help - this season's city

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  1. guys i have less than a week to buy a b-bag. i have decided that i want a CITY - and i can only get one from this season! problem is, i can't find any sites on the internet where i can check the color options! i am about 90% sure i want it in a dark color...also how is this season's leather? is it shiny/scratchy? if anyone has a database or place where i can find pictures that would help so much. especially noir or ink. HELP!

    as you can see im in a bit of a panic...not a good state to buy a bag in! :P
  2. Here you go. Here's the color swatch for the Spring '07 collection:
    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches

    Keep in mind that not all of these colors are out yet or will be available to purchase within a week.

    And here's the color swatches for previous season's colors, since you mentioned ink:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season

    You should also look in the Atchung Balenciaga thread for what auth bbags are available on Ebay right now, so you don't have to limit yourself to only bags currently available in stores.
  3. i live abroad and my friend is buying them through the store in ny so that limits my options. can't get them on ebay...
  4. You should email BalNY to see what they have in stock right now then. Because they only have a couple of the new season's colors available right now in the city with regular hardware, then some with the giant hardware... They probably have a few colors from last season left in the city too.
  5. Also, when looking at the swatch board, be aware that some of those colors seem darker on the board than they are IRL (in real life). That might be because the size of the swatch doesn't allow for the breadth of variation that the full bag has.

    I saw the Marine IRL a couple of days ago, and it's MUCH brighter and more intense than the swatch implies.

    One of the best things to do is to look at the threads for girls who are posting their new bag photos -- the photos of the Marine with the GH were very true to what I saw. Much more so than the swatch.
  6. You could send an email to, asking about what they have in stock. They will send you a PDF with photos of all the bags in the various colors. Good luck!
  7. I doubt you will be able to find an ink city other than on Ebay. Many of us have been looking for a while.