newbie help needed.....

  1. chloe cuties to the rescue plz i wana buy the paddy from nap but should i getm red or the tan? i always wear beige brown and white but im dying for the red even though i always wanted the tan.....even though i have a bunch of lv bags i use i really like the tan but the red is dreamy ..HEKLLLPPPPPP

    which should i get
  2. Go for the red!!!
  3. I agree with hmwe... go for the red! :yahoo:

    If you have a bunch of LV bags, then the red will be really different from anything else you own. And red can be a great neutral in your wardrobe.
  4. Really>>???? Feed Me Resons Pleaseeeee Im Soo Confused And Im Scared Im Going To Lose Out On Both Of Them
  5. But Isnt The Tan The Hottest Too??? Wow I Have Been Osing Sleep Over This Mannnnnn
  6. I have just taken delivery of the red, I cant tell you how lovely it is, I can definitely recommend it, but the tan is a classic too. Whichever you choose I am sure you will be delighted with, so go with the one that sets your heart on fire lol :biggrin:

    Welcome too to the forums :smile:
  7. I say - get them both!:nuts:

    Seriously, you can return the one that doesn't quite 'do it' for you. And you'll have got to try them both IRL - lucky lady!;)

    Personally, i love the red...but tan is gorgeous too...:love:

    If you wear beige, brown and white, think how the red will 'pop' your outfits...but also how the tan will complement them. Tough choice!!

    Welcome to tPF!:flowers: :biggrin:
  8. :sweatdrop: guess what guys???? :sad: the tan was sold out ....BUT I GOT THE REDDDDDDDDDD I CANT WAIT TILL IT ARRIVES HOW LONG U THINK IT'LL TAKE FROM NY TO CALI???? ohh i hope i love it like you guys sayyyyyyyyyyy ......

    do u think its more expensive if i try to buy from the international nap site??? the price conversions get confusing :sad:
  9. where abouts are you eminay? I am sure the prices are comparible as the red only just went back on sale on the US site.

    he he, I just ordered this on sale to go with mine ;)
    its on sale too!!
  10. woo hoo another reddie - i bought mines last week and I cannot tell you how much in love I am. Cos its not the norm colour I get so many stares and comments on it! You will love it - post pics when you get it
  11. yeah chloe babe - me too - cannot wait to get delivery of that red bad boy tomorrow
  12. another exciting day tomorrow babe! our wallets will finally be here, our bags will be complete lol!!!
  13. cannae wait! said in a true Scottish acent! not moving out the door until it is here!
  14. RED!
  15. hahah u girlz are crazy !!! i love from los angeles...cant wait to get it if anyone finds the tan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know i want that too