Newbie: Help needed with bow satchel colors

  1. Dear TPers, I'm a newbie but I want to say thanks to all your postings! I've finally decided to purchase a bow satchel. BUT, and it's a big BUT, I really need help with the colors! Should I get black, blush or beige? I adore the blush but can't find it anywhere in LA. If you know where I can order it, please let me know! Here are the colors (beige and blush).

    I wear a wide variety of colors and am especially partial to dark jeans (very afraid of staining a light purse).

    PS: I took the beige picture from a fellow TPFer. Please forgive me but your picture was so well taken and the bow looks so good.

    PPS: I also treated myself to a brand new red miu miu continental wallet and small vitello satchel. Picts to come soon!

    Thanks so much!
    MiuMiu_BowSatchel blush.JPG beige bow.JPG
  2. I think both colors are amazing esp with dark jeans. I'm in love with the blush pink one right now, but i'm debating between pink and black.

    I on't know what to do either.... :confused1:
  3. Which color are YOU leaning towards?? There must be one :smile:

    I instantly fell in love with the grey smoke and had to have it!! I chased one down in London and had it shipped over to me in NYC.
  4. ITA. My personal fave is the grey, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!
  5. I just purchased the pink from Saks in NY. I am waiting for it to ship to me. Good luck with your color choice. I think they are all beautiful.
  6. Dear Faye,

    I just called the NY store and the bow satchel in dusty blush is all sold out!

    I also called a bunch of Saks stores and they are sold out too!


  7. Oh no................
  8. I bought the pink! :smile: It's arriving on Thursday! Now I'm eyeing the nudo.

    Pictures of my miu miu (wallet, other bags) collection to come soon!
  9. I thought the pink is nudo? At Barneys, the pink one is called Nudo, but when I go to Saks, it's called Mughetto... I'm utterly confused...
  10. I was confused over the description of the pink too! The Saks SA described the pink as closer to very light mauve/lavender. "A rosy blush pink" that's what she said.

    Apparently, the stores are calling the pink via different names! Best to get the SA to give a detailed description to prevent any confusion. The SA in LA's Barneys' referred to the beige as yellow not nude!


  11. I know your in the US but hey have blush in Selfridges in London, if that helps....
  12. ^ really, just wonderin do you know how many are in stock?
  13. I'm started to get a bit confused, if indeed that dusty, mauve-ish color from saks is the pink one that everyone described, then the SA told me that they have ALOT. They ordered one for me, but now i'm a bit convinced to get the black. I have ordered an aluminio just to compared, but since I wear alot of greys, I think I'm most likely gonn get the black one.

    Saks has alot, just call them and ask them to find one for you. :smile:
  14. hi awong10 i am interested to get the off white (talco) miu miu bow satchel. What is the number to call?
  15. i'm having the exact same difficulty! although my options include white, grey, and beige. i'll be using this bag more for a college bag though.. i need a colour that will go with anything:smile: