Newbie having serious craving

  1. Hi Everyone! I'm new to Prada (after a very, very long affair with Balenciaga). I've absolutely fallen for the Vernice Sfumata line. Unfortunately, my obsession has come too late...almost everything in this line has sold out long, long ago. If any of you lovely ladies ever come across one of these bags, could you please PM me? I'm especially partial to the nude to black degrade version (I've attached pics for your reference). I haven't wanted a bag like this in a really, really long's verging on desperation! Any help you could offer would be tremendously appreciated. Thank very much in advance :love:
    must have.jpg prada-vernice-bowler.jpg
  2. Thanks so much. Unfortunately, the bag has already sold. It appears Prada is sold out nation-wide :sad:
  3. I would keep checking bluefly as well....Now that you posted, maybe a pf'r will see this bag when they are out shopping and pm you with the info....GREAT things happen here!!! I have scored many bags with the help of ladies here b/c where I live Prada is not available...They have posted the info for me..I call the store..and **POOF** It is on my door step days later..Fingers crossed!! Good luck!!!
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  5. Thank you so much for your help, purseinsanity! You're fantastic. Unfortunately, the bag on BG has already sold out. I'll give the one from Raffaello a try, though I'm not certain about its authenticity. When compared to the photo I attached, the dark brown degrade seems to start further up on the bag in the Neiman Marcus photo. Should I worry?

  6. Raffaello Network is 150% authentic. The degrade treatment varies from bag to bag.
  7. I'm a Bal girl, too, but when I saw the Prada degrade bag, I also became desperate trying to get it. I have it in the glace calf (matte) leather, not the patent. I'd suggest Bluefly, I found mine there end of December. I don't know if you like only the patent or would buy the regular leather, though.