newbie got a simple question!

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  1. dear ladies,

    as i am new to burberry i would like to know: is the manor bag a bag which they got every season (like the classic louis vuitton models)? or is this a style which is only available this season? i want to get a manor in black leather but can´t afford it right now, so i would like to wait until next summer.

    please help me out! thank you!!!
  2. The Burberry Manor has been around for about two years, I think. It's been pretty popular so I hope it will be back next season. :p
  3. the manor bag has been present in the last collections in different sizes and material, I think they will keep on producing it since it's an IT bag
  4. There is a black mini manor 50% off on right now. Don't be misled by the "mini" tag. It is pretty spacious for everyday use.:tup:
  5. Agree 100%- I love this bag and hope it is the one under the tree waiting for me!

  6. thanks! but unfortunately I live in europe and that bag is not available on the european site of burberry! what a pity! otherwise I would have gotten it immediately! it´s such a great price!!!