Newbie going to MAC event - suggestions for e/s colors?

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  1. Hello all, I am going to a MAC event at Nordies next Friday. Havent gotten MAC in forever (years!). I bought myself an empty palette a week ago but have yet to buy any e/s for it!
    I am not very good at makeup although I am 36 so start me off slowly! I have brown eyes and brown hair. Can you give me some "must haves" for my palette? Thanks!
  2. shroom
    expensive pink
    stars n rockets

    Those are my shadows I use constantly.
  3. expensive pink
    satin taupe
    naked lunch
  4. my nordies doesnt carry the pans to fill the palettes; they told me that only freestanding mac stores did. Does yours carry the e/s pans or are you planning on depotting?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions ladies!

    I dont know if they carry the individual pans. I am NOT going to depot, I tried to do it and broke everyone, I am not up for all the work. If the don't sell the individuals I will go to the store to buy them and will buy other stuff at the event.

    I still want to create a good palette. I am nowhere near as good as you guys with stuff so I am hoping to have one, max two palettes to hold everything I need.

    Thanks again so much!
  6. Neutrals:
    White Frost
    Satin Taupe
    Blanc Type
    Amber Lights
    Honey Lust

    Satellite Dreams
    Parfait Amour
    Expensive Pink

    Carbon (also great as a liner)
    Knight Divine
    Silver Ring

    Also, I highly recommend using a Paint Pot as a base to have the shadows stick to your lids and not crease. Two of my favorites are Bare Study (shimmery) and Painterly (more of a matte light skin tone color).

    Have fun and let us know what you decide!
  7. I like Phloof!, Pink Venus, Ricepaper, Seedy Pearl, Shroom...they supplement the other brands of eyeshadow I already own.
  8. Ricepaper, Vanilla, Espresso, Shroom, Woodwinked or Tempting, and definitely a paint pot like PG said.
  9. Thank you all! I am writing all these down and going in with a list!
    Thanks for the info about the paint pots, I have never used them, going to look into those :yahoo:
  10. ditto on the paintpot...the first time i went to mac i got all these eyeshadow and blushes and lipsticks and the girl working told me that if it was a matter of money, she would put back 1 or 2 things and get the paintpot...she said your e/s just wont look the same without it, so make sure you get one!
  11. My favs:

    satin tauple
    all that glitters
    amber lights

    great eyeshadows!!!!
  12. What you can do is find the shadows you like at the event, write them down or save them in your cell, and then order the pans online or go to the actual MAC store and buy them. The pans are cheaper. I wish I had done the pallet thing when I had first started buying MAC, but oh well. What is the event going on anyway? Any special freebies or giveaways? I know about the anniversary sets that are on presale right now, but that's about it. I like the packaging, but the makeup is just okay.
  13. Satin taupe is my favorite, look into that one for sure!
    Other I really like are Woodwinked, Retrospeck, Shroom, All That Glitters, Amber Lights, and Honey Lust!
  14. Have fun!! MAC has a rep for only super bright, splashy e/s, but they really kick butt with all the neutrals as you've seen here :biggrin:.

    The Paint Pots really are TDF. I've always had oily and translucent, vein-y eyelids, and now that I've moved into middle age (LOL) they are not as taut as they used to be. So, I'm always searching for something that gives a good, opaque base and doesn't crease. And, simply hands down, that's the paint pots. You apply them either with your finger or a good MAC brush (I like the 252 because my lids are deepset) and then start by padding the e/s on with another brush, rather than sweeping motions.

    It takes a little practice, but the extra few minutes are SO worth it when your e/s stays put all day - YAY! :graucho:
  15. As always, you gals are a wealth of information!
    Thank you all for the color suggestions, I am bringing my cheat sheet!
    Great idea about writing them down and ordering the pots online. I do NOT want a bunch of individuals laying around. I never use them if I have to pick through and color combo etc.
    THe event is for the anniversary sets that are on presale. I saw the colors and dont think they are that great myself either so I am just going to the event but will not be asking for the set. Thought about the brush set but not too sure about those either, seems like I would only use one or two of the brushes in the set.
    I am psyched to try the paintpots though since you all rave about them.
    I knew you girls could help, thanks so much!