newbie gearing up for my first purchase

  1. Hi everyone -- so I've been hanging around the H forum, getting more and more interested for about a month now. The up-side of Hermes being such an addiction is that there ends up being such a huge amount of knowledge about it here, so it's been a fun learning experience.

    So of course now I want a Birkin :drool:. But that's really an enormous purchase for me:push:. It's something I'd like to think about for a while (plus it takes so long to get one!). But I really would like to get into other areas of H that won't hurt my wallet quite so much. I don't just want one Birkin and then that's it. I think I'd prefer to start small and build up a collection of pieces that I love.

    So I'd love some advice on my first piece:yes:. At this point I think I'd like to spend less than $1000 and I'm leaning towards a leather bracelet (how much do the double-wrap ones cost?). I also think scarves are a great way to begin, but I don't think I'd wear it very much at this point. I love to look at them, but I don't want to waste money on something that's going to sit in the box. Does anyone have any other thoughts?
  2. i think a bracelt is a great idea. my barenia double wrap was 390. i adore it (wearing it right now in fact!) i also think the enamel bracelets are very pretty and great for collecting/ first items. you could also get a cedena (that was my first item) and a necklace to wear it on. until you get your birkin you can wear it as a necklace and after that you can hang it on your bag! good luck- hermes is a fun thing to get addicted too!
  3. My first hermes was an enamel bracelet. Then I got the scarves. I'm not a scarf wearer as well, but I like to look at pretty things so I bought the scarfs to put on my wall as a display piece.

    How about stuff like belts/handkerchiefs/ties too? They won't break the bank but they are very useful.
  4. Oh, you'll so love H accessories. I don't have a Birkin or Kelly yet.... I have the Evelyne and lots of scarves and accessories, which are so much fun to buy and wear!

    I really love my H bracelets so much. I wear one every day. I particularly love the Clic Clac and Hapi. I have a couple of the Clic Clacs and wish I had more! They are so comfortable to wear. I often wear two at the same time or one or two with my Hapi. I like a bold look in jewelry! :smile:

    Here is a picture of each of them from

  5. I also agree with bracelets...or a leather agenda cover...perfume....
  6. My "first" was an enamel bracelet. I still wear it almost every day. I also highly recommend the Hapi bracelet. And Perfume, cadenas, Ulysee's all good!:tup:
  7. My first is a clic clac...and I :heart: it!

    Then I go scarves....and went more dizzy:p
  8. My first was a Dogon wallet. I knew that once I got my first bag, I'd want to use it with an H wallet in a fun color so I decided to get the wallet first to ease into things. The larger size is something like $1300 but the smaller one is below $1K I believe.
  9. Think carefully about what you will use and love, then go from there.
    If a bag is something that you would use the most, save for that and don't spend money on smaller stuff just to get the name. But, if you enjoy and wear bracelets, Hermes makes some great ones!
  10. How about a shawl? I find shawls very wearable, you can wrap them as a top and they are a little easier than the silk scarves to wear since they don't feel as "silk-frail". They are $850.

    The sterling silver jewelry is also reasonably priced and you could pick up something stunning for under $1,000.

    Personally, for my first purchase if I had a budget of 1K I would save up a bit more and get a wallet. It would be something you use everyday and can give you that wonderful Hermes feeling each time you touch it. My Dogon leather one was under $1,400 and I love it and can get 4 passports in it plus other stuff. Very smooshy and soft.

    You could also get a belt. They run under $500 and are fabulous since they come reversible and you can feel like you are getting two accessories for the price of one.

    The silkypop new scarf bag is around 1K and though not available on in America yet - perhaps a sales person can track one down for you.

    Best of luck with your first purchase. It is always such an exciting one!
  11. Thanks, everyone, for the great ideas. A wallet is a very good idea. It will definitely cost me $1000 or maybe even more, but it's a good point that it's something I'd use every day. And I love that Hapi bracelet posted above. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled on eBay and maybe hit some consignment stores next week to see if they have anything good.
  12. USD1,000 - do you really want ONE piece or would you be happy with a couple of pieces?

    The appreciation of Hermes is in its beautiful leathers. So my recommendation is for you to acquire something that is made of leather, in a larger surface area than just a bracelet, so you can feel it, smell it, 'chew' on it (sorry for the pun) and deciding what you would like in the future when it comes to buying a H bag.

    I am not familiar with US prices, but there are so many members who can help, or you can check the reference section for pricing information

    I recommend you get a Ulysee PM notebook/agenda + a leather bracelet for your first couple of Hermes items.
  13. I like the agendas, but I don't think I'll use it. I'm really bad at writing things down (luckily I have a good memory) plus my new iPhone has a calendar that syncs with my Mac :graucho:

    But I know what you're saying about a larger piece of leather. I go back and forth on less expensive (but still expensive!) bags like the Picotin and Evelyne. But then I think I'd rather just put that money towards a Birkin eventually, which I'd probably use a lot more. It would probably help if I went to Hermes and looked at some bags and wallets and bracelets -- hopefully I'll have some time in the next couple of weeks...
  14. My first Hermes purchase was a H Belt.Very happy with it. It so timeless and totally practical.And most important thing is, the price is not bad too!!
  15. My first piece of Hermes was an H belt as well^^^!!
    Thats a great purchase and you can even do an H belt and a bracelet!! Also their scarves are devine!!

    ABBBBBY!!! You're taking the PLUNGE!!!!
    Can I come with you to make your first purchase?!