Newbie from last week - I bought a bag, but...

  1. I think it is too small. I went with the Signature Large Soft Duffle and the matching wristlet. With all my stuff in there, it is packed! I called the store and they said I could return it for something larger. I was thinking of going with one of the Shoulder Totes....but then I looked in the catalog. I really like the looks of the Chelsea Optic Signature Large Hobo!! :tender:

    So my two questions - is the hobo super cute, or is it just me? And, will Coach let me return my current bags and get store credit to use when the new bag comes in (August)?

    Thanks so much for all of your help!
  2. Coach will let you return if you have a receipt or the tag. You need the receipt for refunding the way you purchased it (cash or credit card) and if you just have the price tag, they can give you store credit based on the latest selling price.
  3. That hobo is really cute! I just looked at it in the catalogue. I love the duffle, too, but if you can hold out for another few weeks then I say go for it.
  4. yeah i love those chelsea ones, especially that pony large hobo, and the nubic hobo. ive only seen them in the picts, but the only two bags in coach ive ever seriously wanted was the first scarf print hobo in that red, green and white and these.
  5. Hobos are definitely my favorite type of bag. I always suggest them. Although any type of shoulder bag is ok with me. Go for it especially if you need something bigger. :yes: