Newbie From Chicago Waves ~Hello~

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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Kris and Im from Chicago (Actually in the burbs 1.5 hours away )! I've Been obsessed with Tokidoki since Christmas after my boyfriend gave me a Paradiso Zucca as one of my presents! I thought it was the cutest design ever! He then told me about some of the other designs he saw online. Thats when I went online myself and checked it out! I was hooked ever since! I have a very small collection of only 4 bags, but hopefully it will grow larger. I've been lurking this forum for about a week and thought I should finally join, so hello and waves to all! :yahoo:
  2. Hi Kris! Welcome!!
  3. Thank You Maya! I saw your bag collection in the other thread, and it is sooo pretty! Everything matches with a lil denaro! Its soo cute!
  4. Haha. Thanks. I can't help it... All my tokidoki and Coach have matching wallets. It's part of my OCD. I'm a little Monk-ish. *lol*

    I know someone who lives outside Chicago... It used to be Vernon Hills, but now Arlington Heights.
  5. Welcome Kris!! No doubt your collection will grow in no time :lol: people here have a tendency to do that including myself!
  6. Thats Cute, I have some Coach bags too! It was my bag obsession before the toki bug hit me. We have outlets out here, so the Coach is really discounted! I was obsessed with the coach optic prints, especially the ones with the little bugs on them, But I got the skinny instead of the wallets cuz the wallet costs almost as much as the bag itself! Oh, Arlington Heights isnt too far away from me, Im in Wauconda (middle of nowhere), but I'm getting an apartment in the city. I'll move in about two weeks, so Im super excited! Shopping downtown will only be a 30 min train ride away!
  7. Thank You tehlilone! Omg, you have 24 bags? Thats nuts! They are soo expensive! Oh, gosh--I have a feeling my wallet will be pretty empty :shrugs: haha!
  8. What are "skinnys"? Do you mean the wristlets? I have a bunch of those to match all my bags too. *lol* I use them as my make-up case. And yeah, I know what you mean with the wallet costing almost as much as the bag!! I was lucky and got all my wallets from the outlet we have here (and is like two minutes from my parents house). My brother worked at the outlet for a while and his discount was really good! My best friend used his discount and it was pretty much buying the bag and getting the wallet free.
  9. welcome, i'm moving to chicago in two months, i cannot wait!
  10. WOW! Employee discount at the outlet? Whats that like 20% Thats nuts because the prices there are crazy cheap when they go onsale! Coach skinnys are the really tiny cases that can fit a few credit cards and some $ that you can attach to a key chain. I should seriously try and make friends with the associates or try to convince one of my friends to work there![​IMG]
  11. Yay, another chicagoan too! Ill be stayin by loyola university so I can be way closer to school!
  12. Oh okay!! My brother has several of those!!

    The discount at is 40% at the outlet and 50% at the boutiques. The only down-side is that they limit the amount of items you can get per year.

    Right now I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want the large denim Carly!! I haven't felt this way about a Coach bag since I got my limited edition signature kid's collection backpack!!

    Oops, this post is ALL about Coach... Let me fix that...

    I still love my tokidoki!!! Hehehehe.
  13. i'll be going to Roosevelt downtown but I believe living in Lakeview or Wrigleyville. So I'll be well acquainted with the EL hehe. It's a nice big change from Ohio.
  14. Ohh! I see, Lakeview would be much cheaper to live in that wrigleyville! Ive looked at the apartments around lakeview and they are much nicer! The bar area around wrigleyville smells like pee in the summer because of all the cubs fans and the bars-hahahh!
  15. Welcome Tokibear. I'm your neighbor to the north near Milwaukee, WI. I know what you mean about the Coach outlet. I finally got a chance to go to the one in Pleasant Prairie for the first time. They have last spring's patchwork print coming in this week that I want to get. More $$$ spent that I don't need to spend right now.

    Have you been able to find the Toki bags in Chicago? Or do you buy yours over the net?