newbie frm SF. Can you suggest which purse I should buy for the following occasion

  1. Hello there. After 4 years entered in my media career, I decided to become purse-lover.

    Could you experts suggest what I should buy for the following occasion. I see people mainly from investment and media industry (ouch...all have sophysticated taste for style : )

    1/ going to business conferences
    2/ Business breakfast, lunch at 5 star hotels
    3/ Night out at hi-end bars worldwide (paris, sf, Hong Kong, etc)
    4/Daily carry to office
    5/social events with girlfriends
    6/Dating (of course, i am single)

    I also welcome someone can point me to a post with Purse101 type of education.

    Thanks a lot and see you often here.

  2. Welcome!:welcome:
    depends completely on your price range, but a black Chanel Classic Flap fits all those needs for sure! Visit the Chanel Forum, there's a Reference Library FULL of photos and pricing.
  3. thanks! why my thread shows it's "moved"
  4. Hi and welcome! I totally recommend for #'s 1 and 4 (conferences and work) the Rebecca Minkoff Elisha bag, (although there are numerous bags that fit the bill and I'm sure you'll end up with several) it's sleek, roomy, professional looking and the leather is scrumptious! It's about $550 and comes in several colors.
  5. I know! I know!

    Chanel classic flap all the way!
  6. thanks Toni! I guess it will be on my after-holiday shopping the way , i have an important breakfast meeting in Mahattan coming up. Someone suggested Chanel Classical 2.55. Will that be a good call?
  7. i am getting a chanel classic! Where is the best place to get a deal?
  8. Chanel is not authorized to be sold online, there's really no 'deals' on it unless you shop on eBay.
    Some pieces may go on sale, but they' re not the iconic Classic pieces.
  9. I moved your thread because you're asking about handbags.
    The Newcomer's Forum is really just a spot for you to tell us all about YOU! :biggrin: