Newbie..first chanel purchase, need help pls

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  1. Hi My name is lorraine!
    I'm pretty new to the bords and have only posted a few times. I reall want to buy my first Chanel bag but I don't know which one to choose:

    Grained Calfskin Flap Bag (from winter 06/ paris-NY line)


    the Baby Cabas

    Which one should I get, I can only buy one at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. could you post a pic of the grained calfskin flap? i am thinking of one in my mind, but i'm not sure if it's the same one you're referring to?
  3. I've only seen a pic of it on the chanel sight, and I don't know how to post from it. If i remember correctly it was #12 on the winter 06/ paris-NY accessories page.
  4. I think it may be the diamond stitch flap. Hmmm...they are very different bags. Need more details: What color? How are you going to use the bag (everyday or just out about town)?
  5. Baby cabas! But that's just me, you may have completely different tastes.
  6. if its the flap bag i have in mind, i'd go with that! the cabas is a gorgeous bag but i prefer a bag with a flap, its more "secure"? also it depends on your look-- if you're more of a casual girl then the cabas might be better and vice versa =)
  7. I'd go with the calfskin flap bag from the PNY ligne.:yes:
  8. ^me too!
    Both bags are hard to find though, good luck!
  9. I don't know what the flap bag looks like. I tend to love PNY items, but I need to see it first.
  10. Y'all know the PNY flap! Let me attach a photo. . .

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  11. Oh yea! I remember that. Ok, I would so go for the PNY flap. I just love that sooo much.
  12. PNY Flag is stunning!!
  13. PNY flap!!!!!moreover this is ur first chanel..
    flap is more classic:smile:
  14. Yea I'd go with PNY flap too. That bag is HOT!!
  15. I think I'll get the flap bag. Are they that hard to find? or is the cabas easier to find since its a more recent release?