Newbie..first chanel purchase, need help pls


Sep 30, 2006
Hi My name is lorraine!
I'm pretty new to the bords and have only posted a few times. I reall want to buy my first Chanel bag but I don't know which one to choose:

Grained Calfskin Flap Bag (from winter 06/ paris-NY line)


the Baby Cabas

Which one should I get, I can only buy one at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think it may be the diamond stitch flap. Hmmm...they are very different bags. Need more details: What color? How are you going to use the bag (everyday or just out about town)?
if its the flap bag i have in mind, i'd go with that! the cabas is a gorgeous bag but i prefer a bag with a flap, its more "secure"? also it depends on your look-- if you're more of a casual girl then the cabas might be better and vice versa =)