Newbie - Desperately need your help!

  1. Hello
    I'm new to this forum although i've been eyeing this place for a while ;) It's sooooo helpful!!!!! The bags are all soooo pretty...

    Anyway, I finally decided to purchase a bbag! from

    The thing is I wanted to buy an everyday bag for school, etc. But I can't choose btw. city and work!

    I'm kinda short,(158cm= i'm guessing around 5"2') so i'm thinking work might be kinda big for me.

    Also, i'm thinking of buying somethink w/ GH. I knoticed some ppl saying that GH lookes better on larger bags.

    I really dont know what to buy! Id be reeeeally great if you guys could help me. TIA;)
  2. Another thing to consider...the City has a shoulder strap, the Work does not. Some people are able to wear the Work style over their shoulder, but some can't (depends on your build).

    It also depends on how much and what you are going to put in it. The Work, for example could fit a lap top, where the city could not.

    They are both great styles, so I am sure you will be thrilled with either bag.

    Good luck:smile:
  3. Welcome to the forum. For school I would suggest City with regular hardware. The City with GH is quite a bit heavier and much dressier.
  4. Have you considered the Day, since it is for school?
  5. Hi, welcome to the bBag thread. I have a giant hardware (GH) city bag...& just to consider.. the bag itself does already weigh a good amount because of the hardware. SO if you were to add books in there... you might have 1 sore shoulder~! AND... I just recently made a purchase form for a black part time S/S 07,.... & low and behold... shipping was fast, BUT the leather was soo dry and crackly that the top leather layer started to chaffe off in some areas. I ended up sending the item back the next day.. and since the item needs to be back in Japan in 7 days.. EMS express was an addl $44 usd. SO.. if you're going to order from Diabro, I advise you to only order items that are from the current F/W 07 season as the leather this season is much more supple than last. Hope that helps. I would probably consider the City as well for a school bag.. it has the longer shoulder strap.. but if you dont mind using the work over your shoulder all the time.. that could be another option as well. Hope that helps.. good luck~! :yes:
  6. This is tough... Because you are small, the Work may look quite big on you. However, I don't find the City big enough to use for school. I carry it to class, but keep my books and things in a seperate tote bag. I think if you really want a bag that will carry all of your school things, you will need a Work.

    And what the other ladies say about the GH adding weight is very true! If the bag is going to be stuffed with books, it will be heavy enough - GH will be an extra burden.

    Welcome to the board and let us know what you decide!
  7. OMG..Thanks so much everyone! I will def. consider regular and day also. Thanks so much for the leather info too! Too bad the bag i've been eyeing is a S/S 07...
  8. Thanks Cheshire Cat:smile: I fell in love w/ the GH the moment i saw it but i'm hesitating a bit since it's heavy...Thanks so much for your input! I'll def post a picture as soon as i decide and get it :smile:
  9. i would suggest either the city or the Part-time, because they both have straps. i don't know if you carry a laptop to school, but both of these sizes can fit books, files, etc. maybe you should check out the PT as well :tup:
  10. For a first b-bag...I always suggest the City RH :
    - iconic
    - medium : not too big, not too small
    - practical with the strap
  11. I use my city for school. I do not have need for a laptop so I have never tried to fit it in, although I imagine it might fit...but I have a 12" ibook, so its kinda small.

    Anywho, I have been able to put in my City my big fat accounting book and normal size notebook in addition to what regularly resides in my bag (wallet, checkbook, make up bag, sunglasses, keys, phone, miscellaneous non-sense).

    Good luck!
  12. I used to use my city for school. The city is a good size - I'm also 5'2:
  13. It will fit -just snuggly. I just replaced my 12" ibook with a macbook - but my ibook fit into my city :yes:
  14. i use the city for sch too but frankly it's abit too small unless i'm not carrying much..however work in GH might be a tad too heavy! but work might be abit overwhelming for you since you're rather petite, it's best you try out both sizes in stores before deciding!!
  15. I'm 5'3" and love the work, I dont think its too big at all. The city really cant hold very much. Personally I wouldnt recommend using balenciagas for school, textbooks will stretch the leather out too much and I'd be afraid of it ripping even.