Newbie Designer Bag Buyer


New Member
Feb 4, 2009
Hi Everyone,

Just a newbie to this forum and desginer bags...I'm thinking this mistake is going to be a big mistake, i've fell in love with so many designer bags mentioned i think my heart is going to explode.

So my (better) other half bought me a Vivienne Westwood Bowler bag for Christmas and i've just recently discovered Net-a-Porter (who hid this from me for soooo long) and am totally obsessed with a Mui Mui Fuchsia matellase tote :heart:. I live in Dubai so i can't get them shipped over here (no postal system what-so-ever), i visit home a couple of times a year so i can buy two designer bags from there a year and what a lovely present waiting for me when i get home. My god that Mui Mui bags is fabuloso..:yahoo:

Sorry for my incoherant rambling!!!

Kerry x