Newbie confused and angry prices droped after sales preview - anyone got refund?

  1. Hi there, this is my first post here so sorry if it's a negative one... I've got a few Mulberries, Kiera, Alana, Suzi, Joni, Ledbury, Araline and a few bits and bobs and makeupbags and pouches. My budget doesnt really stretch to buying them at full price so I'm alwasy really excited about the sale as I don't live near an outlet. I got an Annie in the "sales preview" on christmas morning only to find that the price had dropped from £375 to £298 on friday, when the preview period had ended. I was sooo disappointed I could have cried. The email clearly made out there was an extra 10% off to be had during the preview... so this doesn't add up does it? Surely this is completely misleading advertising and is probably unlawful? or did they make a mistake? Anyway sorry for me rambling on but I have emailed saying how disappointed I am and that i'm thinking of returning the bag once i recieve it unless i get the difference credited back on my card. Also I'm thinking that if 50% was the main reduction in the main sale then there should ahve been another 10%? Anyone in the same situation? O and anyone recieve their sale bags yet?

  2. yes, it's happenned to a few of us.
    I bought the E/W at £297 and 12 hours later it was £198. I have emailed them and complained, I know they have already honoured the lower price for someone else on this forum
  3. Thanks Rachiem. Hope I get my refund or I'll be seriously unhappy! Have you recieved yours yet, i'm going away for a few days so hoping it might turn up tomorrow!

  4. They should let you have the bag at the discounted price otherwise they are going to lose lots of the loyal customers who actually sign up to the website. I'd have felt ripped off too! What was the point of the preview??!!!
  5. I think they got the sale prices wrong for the preview. It's happened before. I called them last time because a bag I was interested in was still showing full price while the same bag in other colours was 50 per cent less.
    They confirmed it was reduced and got their website people to correct the price.
    They are usually excellent at customer services so I'd lay it on thick about how disappointed you are and hold out for a refund of the difference in sale price. Good luck!
  6. should get mine tomorrow too, have asked them to reply tomorrow as I am away for a few days from Weds, ( I also ordered the same bag at the reduced price just in case, but hopefully I can cancel this order if they honour the cheaper price)
  7. Or you could keep it and put it on eBay , I bet lots of people do this , buy from sales and outlets and sell for inflated prices.
  8. My friend bought the Annie on Christmas Day and, after a quick prod from me, phoned Mulberry on Friday morning to request a refund of the difference. Which they agreed to do.

    Anyone else in this situation should definitely do the same. And you should also request the extra 10% off and see what they say.
  9. I don't think I can ask for the extra 10% as the E/W was never in the preview you think this was an error or just a way of making more money??
  10. It's so hard to say. I'm sure it was an error but an unfortunate one. However, from their point of view, they've sold the same amount of bags - just to different people. Bad press, though - annoying all your die-hard customers.

    If the sale had all been updated correctly on Christmas morning, I'd have got an Annie and an EWB for £450 - am a bit gutted it wasn't to be :rolleyes:
  11. This has all given me a thought. I am going to contact them tomorrow and see if they can locate an Annie for me as I would have ordered on Christmas day as well. All they can do is say "no". Worth a try, anyway!!!
  12. Ask to be put on the waiting list for returns - I'm sure they're inspected and in perfect condition before being sent out.

    Also, it's possible that there are a few Annies sitting in people's shopping baskets while they "check the stock" :rolleyes: so it is worth checking the site sporadically (although I guess you're probably doing that anyway).

    Good luck with your quest :tup:
  13. I can't believe this happened - what a mistake from Mulberry! They really have no choice but to re-imburse!
  14. Thanks everyone! If it comes to it I will even show them this thread. It's good news that some of you have got refunded though, means they can hardly say no the rest of us!

    griddles xx
  15. From what i`ve read on here about Mulberries after sales care , there should be no problems at all :tup: