Newbie! Come see my new Gooch!!

  1. Hi Gucci ladies! I've been eyeing Gucci for a while - I am a LV and Chanel gal for starters, but I found this messenger bag today and I lurrrrve it!! It's choco brown guccisimma (is that how you spell it?) leather. My favorite part about it is the gorgeous lining. Oops, forgot to take a pic of that...

    Anyway - happy to be a 'member' of the gucci forum! :yahoo:
    Gucci messenger.JPG
  2. OMG that is Gorgeous . I love it!!!! Congrats!!!!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Welcome! And that's a lovely bag in TDF Guccissima :drool:
  5. Thanks! Tell me if this is nuts: I am thinking (down the road) of popping an extra hole in the strap - higher up, so I can wear it as a shorter shoulder bag...

    Would that be terrible? Would that put me in the Gucci dog-house?
  6. Hi and Welcome to the Gucci Forum! Congratulations on your new Guccissima Messenger bag! I love the Gucci messenger bags. Oh and I went snowboarding once in the late 90s in Whistler and had a fabulous time! It was definitely worth the long trip from New Jersey!
  7. It's a beauty!
  8. Love it in the Chocolate leather! I have the same one but in monogram!
  9. Lovely bag... I wish I could have afforded a Guccisima leather bag as a first Gucci. But never too late to start hey? Looks great on you. I never liked this style, until I saw it in the Guccisima. Congrats!
  10. No you are not nuts!!! I would totally do it. I had a zipper added to my Gucci tote. I did not like it being totally open. Do whatever you want and makes the bag better for you.
  11. congrats! beautiful bag! I have this one in the Black monogram canvas!!! I love it!
  12. I love it!!!!
  13. wow
  14. Love the Guccissima leather and the bag looks great on you!:yahoo:
  15. I love it!! Congrats!!