Newbie color question

  1. I found this on the atelier.naff site and I'm not sure if it's the pale rose? Could someone please confirm for me? Also, how accurate is the color? Thanks so much!
  2. yes, that's pale rose. i'd say that's pretty accurate as what it looks like in real life! very feminine!
  3. Thanks so much! It's soooo pretty. I guess I better hunt for it now.
  4. That Pale Rose First is in amazing condition. She says that it has been sprayed with a water/ oil repellent, Kat did that as well and her Pale Rose Purse is in gorgeous condition. It seems that others that did not spray, had their Pale Rose turn a yellowy. Emmakins is still trying to get her's replaced.

    If you like it in the First style, you might want to jump on the auction. It's beautiful!

    I wish you well!