Newbie Collection

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  1. Hi I'm new to this website so thought I would show you my Mulberry collection which I love :love:

    handbag 007.JPG

    handbag 008.JPG

    handbag 009.JPG

    handbag 005.JPG

    I really want to get the Alexa next in sparkle tweed!!!
  2. Oh you are not newbie at all, what a lovely colours! Congrats...:yahoo:

    Looking forward to see Alexa sparkle then, which size are you thinking???
  3. some great colours, they really pop!
  4. very vibrant collection!
  5. Love the colours:smile:
  6. :welcome2: Lovely collection! Be warned, this forum carries a bank balance health warning!
  7. Ooh, lovely colourful collection! Welcome to the slippery slope:welcome2:
  8. Welcome, what a lovely colourful collection!
  9. Welcome to the madhouse! I see that you've been bitten by the bug well and truly already...what a lovely colourful collection!
  10. what a colourfull collection! Thank you for sharing.
  11. Welcome to the slippery slope:biggrin: you have a gorgeous collection allready - especially love the red patent bays!
  12. :lol: thanks for the messages - I do try and get as many different colours as possible!! Its more of any excuse to buy them ;)
    I do also have the Daria clutch but thats in black!!
    I was thinking the small Alexa in the sparkle tweed - as its slightly cheaper!!
    I dont really know anyone who understands my passion for handbags so am delighted to have found this!!:biggrin:
  13. Oh we'll certainly share your obsession here. Lovely collection, thanks for sharing.
  14. Nine out of ten investors will advise against TPF. The tenth one is a member. :nuts:

    (Welcome to the forum!)
  15. :lolots: