Newbie Chloe Questions

  1. I just got a Anthracite Paddington (2nd hand) and LOVE it! I'm pretty sure it's the regular sized medium satchel (from what I've seen looking around here that is what people call it).
    Anyhow...I want another...but the resale is not the greatest (I'm used to LV resale which is pretty good) I don't want to pay full retail. Do these go on sale? When? Where?

    What colors come out every season? Are they the same colors...or new ones? Where can I find the info/swatches on colors?

  2. That's awesome that you got a nice new bag! You just missed all of the sales at Nordstrom, where they were discounting to 60% off. Many bags will now be going to Nordstrom Rack. You might want to try there.
    You can go to the Chloe website or check out or as they have all of the latest styles and colors:tup:
  3. Oh bummer....60% off of paddys? Wowsa! I wish I had a Nordstrom Rack near me!

    I will check out those websites...thank you!
  4. Paddies definately do go on sale these days. Neiman Marcus and usually have a good selection of Chloe bags also.
  5. Twiggers!!! I was wondering when you were going to start coming in here! When do we get pictures of your yummy paddy?
    Back to the topic.... you really just missed all of the sales. But I'm sure more will happen eventually and we always talk about them a lot so keep checking back.
  6. Bummer...I always miss sales LOL

    I totally should post up pics of my paddy huh? LOL

    It is sooo scrumptious...I want another!
  7. Congrats on your Paddington - you will love it!

    Sometimes I wish Chloe would adopt the LV policy of no sales at all to keep the re-sale value of the goods :yes:. I never benefit from the sales anyhow as when a new bag comes out and I fall in love I have to have it now and can't wait for the end of the season.

    I just have to get use to the thought that I don't buy them as an investment and do well at a resale but because I simply love the soft, luscious leather and will keep them forever! :drool:
  8. I tried looking at chloe and NAP for colors...but didn't really find anything....just showed a black, white, and tan. There are no reds or blues?
  9. There are reds and blues! Some may be previous season's colors (Jeans Moyen, a lovely light blue, for example), but I believe red is usually around.
  10. Ah, there you are!! :graucho:

    I am a Chloe -> Bal crossover :graucho:

    So if you can wait for Dec you should see some phenom sale prices :yes: Last year TONS of paddys were on sale right before Christmas, continuing through the New Year.

    Last weekend there was a royal blue paddy at NM in Union Square, SF. :tup:

    I also saw a red paddy at the NM in Palo Alto on Tuesday.

    Good luck :flowers:

  11. Thanks hm!!!! I will definetly be waiting for sales! No full price for me LOL!!!

    I actually just scored one on ebay for $750 that is brand is cannelle! Seller got it on sale...I know it's a little more than the sale price, but 50% off is pretty good LOL I can't wait until it arrives!
  12. Congrats Twiggers!

    It seems we are all crossing over at the moment!

    I'm loving my new LV :smile:
  13. Lol Bella!!!