newbie.. chanel prices

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  1. I just came over form louis vuitton, and i was wondering about some of the prices of chanel bags. are they much more expensive than lv?
    can anybody list off some reasonably priced bags and their prices? (under 1000) if any...
  2. It might be helpful for you to visit the Chanel resources thread where members post pics (like they do on the LV forum) most people also post measurements and prices..

    Happy hunting!
  3. Uh, it's hard to find a bag under 1k. If there is a bag under 1k it's like the petit shopper or the Chanel clutch (in lambskin is 995 and caviar is 895 I believe).
  4. Erika's right:yes:
    You're hard pressed to find a Chanel bag under $1k.
    Check out the Reference LIbrary like Irish suggested, most everything has names and prices.
  5. Vinyl Cabas $995 if you can find it anywhere. The petite shopper is $1095 which costs less than an Epi bucket and imo is way more gorgeous! good luck!
  6. I'm wondering about the prices too.
  7. Here in Italy the cambon pochette is 640 euro, then there is the travel line that's cheaper too, so maybe she could find something... but real Chanel icons starts all at the prices the other PFs told you
  8. Look on the bright side-Chanel Does go on sale twice a year, while LV never goes on sale :smile: