Newbie can't choose...Help?

  1. Yes, I'm a newbie. Yes, I'm Dutch. And yes, I'm just two months away from my sweet sixteen.
    (Which is at the same time an explanation for my crappy English)

    But I'm almost as big a Vuitton-addict as the rest! And I haven't had my clothing allowance for almost two years. (Don't worry - I didn't have to walk around in old clothes. I have the luck my mother's working at a great clothing shop, and that's where I get my free clothes ^^)
    What's the point, you're asking?

    In october I'll get the money my dad owes me. It's about - , well, just let's say it's a lot. And what's a better investment than a Louis Vuitton...?

    Now, don't think I'm a spoiled brat. It's just a fact that I love Louis (like we all do!) and I want to make a good investment in a bag (which, I'll just say I can use untill I can hang it on my rollator)!

    Seeing that you all have much much more Louis Vuitton experience than I do, I'll ask you guys. What's a good bag?
    I love the Speedy, but what'll be the perfect one? I'm thinking 40 is a bit huge, and 25 a bit too small. I was thinking about a 30 myself, but I'd like to hang it over my shoulder, but that's not an option, is it?
    I was thinking about an Alma too, but I think I like the Speedy better. (By the way, can you even use Alma as a shoulderbag...?)

    So, my question to you, much more experienced people is: What do you think I should do...?
  2. I'd say the 30 is perfect. I think the 40 or anythnig over 30 would be huge!

    I have the 30 in teh Azur Speedy and love the size! It's not too small and big enough for lots of stuff.

    I don't think you can put it over the shoulder I know I can't. And it is kind of akward to get used to carrying it in hand all the time.

    Welcome and enjoy getting addicted!
  3. Yup, I say get the 30 too... it's the perfect size! :tup:
  4. If you don't carry too much, a Speedy 25 would be a great first LV. I started with one myself and still carry it to this day. An Alma or Speedy can't be carried over the shoulder but if you're looking for a classic shoulder bag you can try the Cabas Piano but I think it's a matter of where your tastes lie. Good Luck and welcome to the beginning of a beautiful LV relationship!:dothewave:
  5. Unless you have really skinny arms, you most likely wont be able to get it all the way up with the Speedy and the Alma...
  6. Speedy 30 :tup:

    No, you can't put it on your shoulders unless you get a strap but IMO, it looks kind of was meant to be a HANDbag.

    If you want a shoulder bag, try a Saleya PM or the new Neverfulls!
  7. I would say that the speedy 30 would be a wonderful choice. I have it in the mono and it can't go over my shoulder. Happy Early 16th Birthday!!