Newbie Buyer Shipping Issue

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  1. I live in the United States, and purchased a pair of lululemon shorts from a Canadian seller on Sunday (1/24). I received a shipping notice on Monday from Paypal with the number to track it on the Canada Post website. Since I received the tracking number, the status has said "An order has been electronically submitted." I've never purchased from a Canadian seller and was getting worried, so I emailed the seller today to ask if they shipped, and they told me that this is normal, Canada Post is slow to update, and they shipped on Monday. Is it normal for this to be the status for almost a week now? Any advice?
  2. If they are anything like USPS (although they have gotten a little better recently) then yes, they could be slow to update. A week seems somewhat long but hopefully it will get to you soon.
  3. OP - do not worry, what you are seeing is totally normal for Canada Post. I am Canadian, and I see this all the time. They are pathetically slow at updating their website. I shipped my sister's Christmas gifts to another province - it took a week for her to get them, and the system said exactly what you are seeing for the entire week.

    Please do not worry - this is absolutely normal. Hopefully they will get it into the system within the next couple of days.
  4. crissy, thanks so much for your reply! That makes me feel much better :smile: