Newbie Birkin questions

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  1. I have never seen how a Birkin look "inside" and wonder if it has some pocket with a zipper or similar? How long are the handles for a Birkin 30? I assume that there is no possibility to wear the bag over the shoulder?
  2. Yes it has a zipped pocket inside. I have a 35 and couldn't possibly wear it on my shoulder so would think it would be impossible with a 30
  3. there is a pocket & I can fit the birkin 35 over my shoulder but it's not meant to be worn that way & is very uncomfortable
  4. Thanks:flowers:
  5. Without a coat I can carry my 35 Birkin over my shoulder, but it is quite uncomfortable, and bit too heavy with all my stuff... If you prefer bags with longer straps you should consider the JPG shoulder Birkin. That's a practical little bag! The Kelly bag also has a very long removable shoulder strap.
  6. I almost always carry bags in my hand but if it is possible to carry it over the shoulder as well it is just perfect!

    Does anyone know if there is a big difference when it comes to the lenght of the straps if comparing Birkin 30 to a Birkin 35?
  7. I can carry both the 35cm and 30cm over my shoulder as long as I am not wearing a coat.
    The Turnkey gets in the way though, so it is more comfortable to do so with a 35cm.

    The handles of the 30cm is definitely short, so I can't put it over my shoulder if the leather is stiff like Epsom. But for softer leathers like Togo and Clemence, then yes. It does however feel awkward, and not meant to be carried this way for sure....Only for the 5 minutes you need your hands free.

    That being said, I am small framed and find the handles of a Shoulder/JPG Birkin too long for my liking....