Newbie asks a question about city bags...

  1. The dumbest question is one that is never asked, right? :yes:

    Is the giant city a bigger bag than the city, or just a city with the giant hardware?

    Having a tough time finding measurements with names. Wish a seasoned bbag lover would compile a primer for newbies (hint, hint).

    I've found lots of color references and individual pics (thank you!), but no measurements to help me compare. I do not have much access to see these in real life.

    Many thanks!
  2. I think the Giant city is only vv.slighty smaller .. The measurements I saw from From wat little i know Giant stands for the Hardware not the size.. i hope i helped. If im worng somebody please clarify.
    Im new too.. Only 2 to my name.. Both First..:yahoo:
  3. "Giant" attached to any of the styles like the City is used to describe the hardware of the bag (rivets mainly). A giant city and a regular city are the same size. The giant just has bigger hardware.

  4. OH thank you!!!

    I'll probably ask some more newbie questions. I am awaiting the delivery of my first bag...a brown city with GSH.

    I'm just drooling over anything in the Vert Gazon!

    I'll take a look on diabro, thanks again.
  5. Vert Gazon is definitely one of my favorite color.

    Brown is a good choice for your first bbag. Post pictures of your bag when it arrives!